Ian Bland – Angel In Reverse

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Thanks for your support, it really is great to see you at the gigs.

Last gig in Australia for a while- off to the UK again. Will be previewing some new songs from the new album I have been working on. Come along, its a great gig.

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Twelve evocative songs from Ian Bland’s repertoire emerge from this much anticipated new CD; and it’s been worth the wait. The rich and varied collection of themes includes a sprinkling of murder ballads such as “The Man They Couldn’t Hang”, lands gently on the joyful “Bella and Charlie”, loops through to the light-hearted “My Father’s Ashes”, careens off the epic “Jesus of Hollywood” and concludes with the poignant “The Hour Before Dawn”. All this and much more, delivered with the assistance of the very talented Lamington Drive Orchestra and some special guests

If you are in Melbourne you can pickup a copy at Basement Discs