Ian Bland & The Lamington Drive Orchestra
Sunday, May 2, 2010
5:00pm - All Ages
Cnr Nicholson St & Blyth Street
East Brunswick, VIC, Australia

Some parking at back

Other Info
Great news last week with the announcement The Lomond Hotel is no longer required to employ ‘crowd control’ when they have live music.

A rare victory for sanity and finally a belated acknowledgment from the Government and those employed to enforce their wants that live music and violence do not go hand in hand!

You have more chance of being assaulted at a christening than at The Lomond.

So to the point at hand.

Ian Bland and the Lamington Drive Orchestra are performing one last gig (for the time being at least) as we will shortly be barricading ourselves into the studio to start work on the next album – hopefully this one will take considerably less than the three years it took to record “Drifter”

We would love your support and it is a comfortable and relaxed venue.
Great food, excellent Guinness (and other refreshments of course) and it is diagonally opposite the last tram stop on the 96 route!

Hope to see you there.

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