Jon’s JVG Radio Method had the the topic of “BEGGING” this week. It was a good topic for a poem, I was able to try something a little different for the penultimate poem of the year.

Click to hear today’s poem… [audio:JVG_Poem20071216.mp3]

The show was running a bit behind this week so Jon and I didn’t have a chance to chat much. Only one more show to go for 2007, it really is flying past.

Ed Bates once again supplied some quite nice backing on slide guitar today.


i have never begged in my life.
expressed a strong desire perhaps, maybe even the occasional “i would be especially grateful”
asked for, requested, enquired and suggested, proposed and behested, hinted, protested, threatened, contested, needled and pestered
but begged? never!

except for my sister, who discovered my hash
and threatened to give our parents my stash
unless i did all her homework, and chores at weekends
and worked as a slave for her and her friends
but when mum unearthed my sister’s bag of grass
wouldn’t believe it was hers and grounded my arse
apart from then i have never begged

except for the traffic cop outside taree
my speedo’s not working, have mercy on me
officer, forgive me, how fast i was going?
250? i had no way of knowing
can’t we work something out without making a fuss?
it’s a long haul back to melbourne via sydney on the bus
apart from then i have never begged

except for the time keeper at the mcg
just how long can one quarter be?
the roos were ruthlessly dissecting geelong
50 up at half time, what could go wrong?
finally, the siren, it brings down the joint
a goal on the whistle, the cats by a point
apart from then i have never begged

except for my daughter, as most father’s do
please clean up your mess, i mean you are almost two
hold on a bit longer, you’ll make daddy so happy
till mummy returns before shitting your nappy
all i ask is ten minutes, we’ll sing nursery rhymes
before one itsy spider, she’d filled it three times
apart from then i have never begged

except the media magnate, johnny von goes
when he asked me to fill in on one of his shows
i begged him and begged him, don’t make me do the “corner”
i haven’t the voice or the looks of dan warner
“rubbish, you’ll do it” but after he’d heard
said “from now on sunshine you’ll do “spoken” word
apart from then i have never begged

except for the doctor, when my father was dying
who’s ethics or ego decreed he keep trying
despite the distress, discomfort and pain
when he knew as we all did, there was nothing to gain
life at all cost or a lingering death
it took a cold to show mercy and steal his last breath
apart from then i have never begged


© Copyright 2007 Ian Bland

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