Bland On Bland – Poor

The theme Jon chose for the JVG Radio Method today was “POOR”.

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The theme was obviously inspired by Jon looking at his credit card statement after returning from his recent holiday. I know all to well how he feels, the bills are still arriving after my trip overseas.


the poorest kid at state school was a boy named tim cardell
while other kids licked icy poles, tim could only lick his lips
he’d learnt to be inventive, and he’d learnt it very well
he’d even fight the seagulls for discarded fish and chips

his teacher sent him home one day cause he wasn’t wearing shoes
seems appearance mattered more than if he had enough to eat
he came up with a plan inspired by his dads tattoos
when he sauntered into class next day he’d nuggeted his feet

his best mate gerald plum and family lived next door
the best of timmy’s clothing were those gerald had outgrown
one night they cooked a roast, timmy wound up on the floor
wrestling with the dog over who would get the bone

while his mates went down the coast for their christmas holidays
the tree hut in the backyard was where tim spent his vacation
for all the toys he didn’t have, he made up in other ways
with his fifty speed, all terrain, giant imagination

the cardell’s moved away when tim was in grade four
driven further to the fringes by the scourge of rising rent
neither boy could know what the future held in store
in time both losing track of where the other went

gerald went into finance, after getting his degree
works sixty hours a week and more trying to get ahead
blood pressure near as high as his six figure salary
by the time he gets home from work the kids are all in bed

a 50 square mcmansion in a fashionable location
a tennis court and sauna the family don’t go near
the local school and pub now luxury accommodation
you have to drive three suburbs to buy the paper, milk or beer

two four wheel drives, a yacht, and a second home at noosa
a nanny for the kids who go to private schools of course
a trust account of stocks and bonds and cash, the great seducer
and another in the caymans, in case his wife files for divorce

tim lives down in gippsland, he’s in highway engineering
his job was leaning on a shovel or the stop and go slow signs
he’s finally been rewarded after years of persevering
he’s now assistant foreman in charge of painting lines

a four room fibro shack between a cemetery and tip
a fifteen year old commodore referred to as “the bomb”
every second weekend’s a family camping trip
fishing at port welshpool or hiking round the prom

they’ve bought a ten foot tinny, now all they need’s a motor
the kids have got a pony, a tree hut and some chooks
all possess imaginations, well in excess of quota
in their spare time tim and daughter are writing children’s books

there’s nothing wrong with money but it’s all about perspective
a deficit of either, and life can be a bitch
there are many kinds of poor, most of them subjective
all of them depend on what you define as rich

i rang up tim this morning and asked what he defined as poor
after careful thought he said “it’s clear as black and white”
asked him what he meant he said “i’m talking about the score
collingwood’s performance against brisbane just last night”

© Copyright 2007 Ian Bland

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