Bland On Bland – 2011 Apollo Bay Music Festival

The Apollo Bay Festival, was as usual, fantastic. A quality, eclectic line up of performers in a really comfortable environment.

This was the second year 3RRR broadcast live from the festival and JVG, with his infectious enthusiasm, managed to coax a number of artists to sing live on the show and, well, it went off!

The poem is really in two sections.

The core of the poem which attempts to encapsulate in under 300 words all that happened over the three days and an outer coating if you like, an intro and outro acknowledging some of the people who put this wonderful festival together.

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Pete Fillmore, ex president, long time resident
He proved his worth then went back to the surf

Dave Capon, his successor, has proved none the lessor
Came out of the water and into the slaughter

Ably assisted, no shadow of doubt
Robyn Gray knows the festival inside and out

Anton Tibbits, dogged and gritty
Life for him is one endless committee

A snag or a chop, with tongs she’s a killer
From grate to the plate, Angelica Miller

In this part of the world they’re not short of cooks
Christine Marriner, still cooking the books

This year Matt Orchard was welcomed aboard
A local musician, that strikes a chord

Ziggy Wroblewski’s exactly the same
But try finding something to rhyme with his name

The Yachties, are in it right up to their spars
Bill Gross and John Marriner, crusty old tars

The Hokins are stalwarts, both Trish and Allen
Ask for a pint and they’ll give you a gallon

Round here Phil Langdon’s considered a star
Whether filling prescriptions or playing guitar

JVG just gave me that cold steely gaze
I’ve got two minutes left to sum up two days

Poetry, Film, Playwriting, Art
Rosie Flores, Angie Hart

Two choirs both from Apollo Bay
David Hosking, Adam May

President Roots, Ezra Lee
Washington, Spyndrift, JVG
Charles Neville & Youssoupha Sidibe

The Cactus Channel and Trailer Trash
Rondo Supa, The Vaudeville Smash

Tinpan Orange and Almacknjack
Vika Bull with The Hornets, Audrey Auld’s back

Classical, Vaudeville, Indi and Ska
Dirt River Radio, 3RRR

Scared Weird Little Guys, The Tiger & Me
The Wildes, Jaimi Faulkner, Pete Denahy

Stonefield, Georgia Fields, Sambrose Automobile
Leo Cartouche and Jim Conway’s Big Wheel

Visions Of A Nomad, MW2
The Eagle & The Worm, Wild Dog Blues

Riggers, Cleaners, merchandising
Bar staff, Coppers, sound and lighting
The Lounge Hounds, Dog Trumpet, Julien Wilson
Pony Face, Backsliders, Martha Tilston

Garage, Gospel, Groove and Bluegrass
Beyond The Pale, The Dili Allstars

Dancing, Chanting, Burlesque, Grunge
The music and songs of Vanda and Young

“Our Generation” Workshops and Yoga
Dave Larkin, Brett Campbell, Intoxica, Bomba

The locals, the tourists, the workers, the crowd
Children encouraged, not just allowed

The Barons of Tang, The Pirates Of Beer
The chefs, security, the volunteers

Nurses and ambos
Doctors and garbos
Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos
Chris Altmann & Que Paso

The Ugly Uncles and Rattlehand
Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band

The Good Lovelies, Tango Mundo
Los Locos, The Great Gizmo

Food, wine, buskers, caffiene
Justin Walshe & The Folk Machine

Attila The Stockbroker, Lamington Drive
The Mercurials, Minibikes, The Fire Alive

Mustered Courage, The Grigoryan Brothers
Ryan Meeking, Zeptepi and others

Shane Howard, Graveyard Train
Rebecca Barnard, Davey Lane

Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson
James Butt, Sir Rammy Livingston

Dan & Al, Van & Cal
Nic Barker and James Blundell

Two minutes is up, I think that’s the lot
Apologies to any I may have forgot

But there is one more, Caroline Moore
Retiring after festival number four

It’s time, she’s decided, to hand on the reigns
Though her passion, belief and commitment remains

Pharmacist Phil, is biting his nails
There goes a fortune in Valium sales

He won’t be the only one shedding a tear
As the festival enters it’s 20th year

An era winds up and the slate is wiped clean
The Queen is dead – long live the Queen

The town will grow quieter as winter descends
But don’t let it fool you – the show never ends

© Copyright 2011 Ian Bland

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