Photo By Jools Thatcher

Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “ 2013 Radiothon Part 1“.

Afternoon Jon and once again greetings from Coventry.

Radiothon, one of my favourite times of the year and I’m not there, at least not in body but definitely in spirit.

I hate to miss a good party!

I won’t rabbit on, I know how crazy it will be there today with hordes of guests pouring through the studio and no-one quite sure of what’s happening next – especially Ed, it will really be doing his head in – I just wish I was there to enjoy the chaos.

I’d like to invite everybody, current subscibers, those lapsed and those who perhaps haven’t quite got around to it yet, to join the party here at RRR – there are great prizes, a terrific mix of programs and it’s just a great thing to be a part of – community radio.

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Also have a listen to the songs on the New Album “Angel In Reverse

2013 Radiothon Part 1 – A party to subscribe to

“A party” “Pig” Mills drooled, already salivating
“Everybody welcome? Wonder what they’re celebrating?”

He didn’t care whose party – that wasn’t “Pig” Mills style
RRR was just another number on the dial

“What slightly bothers me” “Pig” confided to a friend
“Who in their right mind would invite me to attend?”

“A party to subscribe to. What’s that all about?
The thought of endless treats soon pushed aside the doubt

There were trays packed with goodies, bowls filled to the brim
The reason didn’t matter, it was what was there for him

Why chip in for a present? Not like it’s policed
No-one’s on the door – so why pay for the feast?

And a feast it was, on any scale, even by “Pig’s” measure
Variety, imaginative, and a wealth of hidden treasure

Now party games weren’t “Pig’s” thing. His passion, gastronomic
His exercise was chewing and the occasional colonic

But he noticed those who joined in were having much more fun
His interest stirred on noting all the prizes to be won

As “Pig” prepared to stuff his face with another slice of pie
He spotted something shimmering from the corner of his eye

A cake? It was huge and tied up with a bow
“There’s something inside” “Pig” surmised and he just had to know

He tiptoed up behind the pud and tried to steal a peak
What happened next, you all should hear – and so you will – next week!

© Copyright 2013 Ian Bland

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