Bland On Bland – 2014 Radiothon Part 2

Ian Bland, Ed Bates and JVG at the RRR Performance Space 24/08/14
Ian Bland, Ed Bates and JVG at the RRR Performance Space 24/08/14
© 2014-Tim Chuma

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is
2014 Radiothon Part 2“.

Back in Australia and straight in to the 2014 RRR Radiothon

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2014 Radiothon Part 2

Last week, we left “Pig” Mills at the annual local fete
Despite sampling all the goods poor old “Pig” was in a state

The kids, their friends and families had set up a pastry stand
Every biscuit, cake and wafer; mixed and baked by hand

But a national chain were handing biscuits out for free
No-one cared ‘cept “Pig” who forecast catastrophe

“We’re buggered” he grumbled as he scoffed his fifth cream bun
As if to emphasize his point he scoffed another one

Lindy Dent could take no more “Piggy, go to hell
With your snout in the trough we’ll have nothing left to sell”

Besides you pessimistic swine, your brain is like a sieve
You’re forgetting what we offer, that the other stall can’t give”

No verdict ever rang more true: not one word of filler
The punters tried the freebies but soon tired of vanilla

Unique, diverse aromas drew them too the children’s stall
Something for everyone, and they flocked round, one and all

The Citron Torts walked out the door with the Mascarpone Tarts
And the Peach and Strawberry Cup Cakes shaped like little hearts

Black Forest proved a winner, with a Frosted Pecan Flounce
The Rum Balls started slowly, but sales soon began to bounce

Jam and ginger roulade iced with whiskey flavoured brie
Honeyed Green Tea Tea Cakes which tasted like – Green Tea

Even Lambs Fry meringues stuffed with cherries, cabbage, prunes
Chocolate Coated Sardines and Turnip Macaroons

Curried Eel Pavlova with –
Let’s drop this whole charade: it’s getting too bizarre
We’re not talking cakes and biscuits – we’re talking RRR

I don’t need to tell you: judge it with your ears
Its a hundred different stations, each their own ideas

Not bound by demographics: formats, market share
Where artists, concepts, subjects, find encouragement and air

Music, science, theatre: gardening, health and spoken word
Local and vocal: Subscribe and be heard

© Copyright 2014 Ian Bland

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