JVG Radio Method RRR Radiothon Spectacular 2012: Pony Face and JVG

photo by Tim Chmielewski
JVG Radio Method -JVG & Pony Face

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “ Answer The Call” (or the annual give 3RRR lots of money bit) .

JVG decided that this weeks show would be performed live, no CD’s all the guest and bands woud play in the 3RRR performance space. Awesome idea! Except it offers the show to up the ante from the usual¬†semi-organised chaos to full blown madness.I loved it.

I have already subscribed during Radiothon and it’s not too late to sign up

The backing is by Ed using his guitar skills.To play this poem directly in your browser – just click the “play” button below:


Also have a listen to the tracks on the new EP “Once We Were Kings Of The World

Radiothon 2012 “Answer the call” Week 2

Last week, alone and missing, we left “Spanner” in the poo
Kidnapped by Gorillas while on a school trip to the zoo

A captive on their island – Is this where our story ends?
If “Spanner” is alive can he rely on all his friends?

As usual “Pig” was useless, having problems of his own
In a standoff with a tiger as he tried to pinch its bone

In a battle with a big cat there can only be one winner
Nothing ever comes between “Pig” Mills and his dinner

While their teachers held a meeting on the best plan of attack
Lindy, “Rabbit”, Bruno, slipped quietly out the back

“Squirrel” solved the problem of how to cross the moat
He grabbed the zebra’s food trough which made a perfect boat

Once across they scaled a hill and hid behind a shrub
Slowly crawled out to a ridge and peered out from the scrub

The ghastly scene confronting them drew shocked, though muted, screams
A site far more traumatic than in the wildest of their dreams

“Rabbit” whispered anxiously, “Not what I thought we’d find”
“Spanner” squatting naked while an ape picked his behind

High up in rocks, between a blackback and its mother
“Spanner” hadn’t been attacked – they were grooming one another

“Spanner” was no hostage: those poor apes had been wronged
Not abducted or imprisoned – he’d found where he belonged

Triple R is like a jungle – a collective, aural feast
A menagerie of styles and sounds: Every type of beast

Technology and spoken word; politics, design
Arts, food, cinema, all hanging off the vine

Gardening, science, comedy; music through the ages
There are plenty roaming Triple R who should be kept in cages

Community, diversity, – from the shallows to the deep
A jungle stripped of variance is just a paddock full of sheep

So join us in the jungle, escape the aural sprawl
Like “Spanner” find your favourite spot, strip off, answer the call

© Copyright 2012 Ian Bland

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