Bland On Bland – 3RRR RADIOTHON 2020 (Parts 1 & 2)

Bland On Bland – The BookThe theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “3RRR RADIOTHON 2020“.

I could go back and plunder one of the last 10 years worth of Radiothons as to why you should help out but this year Matt Quinn,  bassist of “The Miserable Little Bastards”, over on Facebook has put it beautifully

Before restrictions in March, I was always a subscriber to RRR and PBS, though didn’t listen to them all that much – I often had the radio on ABC to/from work to find out which pollie had done some pollie wrong and get my opinions for the day. At work, I had to endure whatever high rotation commercial station a colleague listened to. But I’d listen to RRR or PBS occasionally, and understood the importance of these institutions.

Then COVID hit. I’ve been working from home for five months. Initially, I switched over to RRR full time during the day to give myself a break from the death-by-a-thousand-cuts of continual COVID updates. It’s now my 6am – 5pm weekday soundtrack (and a fair bit of the weekend). I’ve learnt the rhythm of the different and eclectic regular shows during the week. Some I love, a couple I loathe (sorry, still don’t like jazz!), and many have grown on me. Some informative, some entertaining, ALL are different, unique. From new and learning presenters and content (always supported and encouraged) to seasoned presenters who have been there decades and continue to amass and share a rich wealth of knowledge. And not just music – arts, food, politics, psychology, science, film, nature, health, even marine life. Often hosted by very highly qualified individuals in their field, because they believe in, and are passionate about, what they do.

I understand now, more than ever (yes, I believe that) why it’s important to subscribe or donate if you can. Pick the angle that appeals to you

    • independent media
    • the variety
    • the fact that 99% of it is run by volunteers
    • the real sense of community (I feel it, anyway), 

or even if you don’t listen but enjoy seeing live gigs around Melbourne – SO MANY artists can thank RRR, PBS, 3CR and others for their first (sometimes only) airplay, support, promotion.

RRR Radiothon is on at the moment, up until Thursday. Their sponsorship has all but disappeared as businesses who previously sponsored them have closed during COVID. The technical feat they pulled to keep broadcasting during COVID is quite incredible (there’s a good article somewhere), but that too costs money.

The last five months have brought home to me just how lucky we are to have them, and why we’re the envy of the world – keep them going, please! Subscribe or donate if you can. 

Matt Quinn 

I could not put it any better…

Ed Bates provided the amazing music backing. Thatch provided the audio production, have a listen to how it went below…

To play this poem directly in your browser – just click the “play” button below:

Now more than ever – I listen, I subscribe (Week 1)

“Dickheads” sniggered ‘Pig’ with a condescending air
As he gazed up at the pine tree and hoovered down his fifth éclair

Lindy, ‘Squirrel’, ‘Spanner’ forty metres above ground
Someone nicked their ladder; they had no way of getting down

Marooned in their tree hut and supplies were running low
While ‘Pig’ prepared to tuck into a chocolate cheese gateau

“Please chuck us up a sandwich ‘Pig’ and a can of Ginger Beer”
‘Pig’ didn’t much like sharing so pretended not to hear

The clouds were looking menacing and a biting wind was blowing
“We don’t want all your grub ‘Pig’ just enough to keep us going”

“I don’t know” growled ‘Pig’ “I mean what’s in it for me?”
“We’re in it for you ‘Pig’, all together, can’t you see?”

The thought of sharing food ‘Pig’ found hard to contemplate
As he weighed up the pros and cons ‘Rabbit’ walked through the gate

“What’s more important” ‘Rabbit’ quizzed, friends or bloody cake?”
This was not the sort of decision that ‘Pig’ could easily make

“They need us” ‘Rabbit’ pointed out “and ‘Pig’ we need them too
Now, more than ever ‘Pig’, they’ve stuck to us like glue

‘Pig’ began to meltdown, cried “I need to take a leak”
Can ‘Rabbit’ bring him round? We’ll find that out next week

Now on with week 2 …

Ed Bates provided the amazing music backing. Thatch provided the audio production, have a listen to how it went below…

To play this poem directly in your browser – just click the “play” button below:

Now more than ever – I listen, I subscribe (Week 2)

Last week we left our friends in their tree hut, isolated
Someone took their ladder; they sat patiently and waited

Lindy, ‘Squirrel’, ‘Spanner’; 40 metres up a tree
Cold, tired and hungry, they pondered what might be

Down below ‘Pig’ Mills had enough food for them all
But he wasn’t good at sharing, to be fair, it was his call

“But they’re friends” ‘Rabbit’ pressed, they’re family, we’re a team
You can’t let them starve while you scoff scones and cream

They’re always there for you; don’t leave them without hope
Throw them up a sandwich ‘Pig’ while I go and find a rope”

“What’s in it for me?” quizzed ‘Pig’ “haven’t mentioned that so far”
And magically the tree hut turned into Triple R

“Community” smiled ‘Rabbit’ community includes you
Events, discounts, giveaways and a chance at prizes too

The Trip magazine three times a year, c’mon, be a part
Even get a bumper sticker to go on your Billy Cart

It’s independent, not for profit, inclusive and diverse
Come on ‘Pig’ get involved, let the moths out of your purse”

“Prizes eh” ‘Pig’s interest sparked, he loved getting things for free
“S’pose I could spare a jelly bean – but leave the red ones for me”

“That’s it ‘Pig’ you hold the rope, I’ll throw it up, you tether
We need everybody riding pillion, Now, more than ever”

© Copyright 2020 Ian Bland

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