The theme this week for Jon’s JVG Radio Method on 3RRR is “BECAUSE“.

Ed Bates is in his usual spot on the backing slide guitar.

Click to hear today’s poem… [audio:JVG_Poem20081026.mp3]


I haven’t written a poem this week
Why? Because I haven’t – okay?
No, there’s no particular reason – just because
Just because – that’s all I’ve got to say

No I don’t think I’m letting the team down John
They do that themselves well enough
Don’t go pouting and raising your eyebrows
Because frankly I don’t give a stuff

Don’t get all hoity with me JVG,
That scornful disapproving stare
I’m not the one who runs through the door
A minute after the show goes to air

All you have to do is play a few tracks
And rabbit on into the mic
The best I can say is your taste is eclectic
Now try playing something I like

And Ed, ha, he plays whatever he wants
Never what you ask him to do
Chirping away like a budgie on viagra
But do you think he can play things on cue?
On Cue! – Ed! Cue! – Edmund! Cue!

Thank you

Keith Fuller, the resident academic
His segments a total scam
All his quotations from Plato and Socrates
Nah – he makes them up on the tram

Is Dan Warner ever thematically correct?
No, I refuse to hold my tongue
Does he know any songs other than those
By Wilco, Tom Waits and Neil Young?

And management, hell, what can I say
Could they loosen the purse strings just a smidge
Radiothon’s only recently finished
And there’s still no bloody milk in the fridge

No, I’ll say what I like, this is community radio
So don’t try threatening me
It’s not like it’s Iran or North Korea
Or even worse, the ABC

So I haven’t written a poem this week
Who knows, next week I might
Because I can if I do and can if I don’t
Because I can just because – alright?

That was your cue Ed Ed!
Ah Bugger me, forget it!

© Copyright 2008 Ian Bland

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