Bland On Bland – Because

The theme this week for Jon’s JVG Radio Method on 3RRR is “BECAUSE“.

Ed Bates is in his usual spot on the backing slide guitar.

Click to hear today’s poem… [audio:JVG_Poem20081026.mp3]


I haven’t written a poem this week
Why? Because I haven’t – okay?
No, there’s no particular reason – just because
Just because – that’s all I’ve got to say

No I don’t think I’m letting the team down John
They do that themselves well enough
Don’t go pouting and raising your eyebrows
Because frankly I don’t give a stuff

Don’t get all hoity with me JVG,
That scornful disapproving stare
I’m not the one who runs through the door
A minute after the show goes to air

All you have to do is play a few tracks
And rabbit on into the mic
The best I can say is your taste is eclectic
Now try playing something I like

And Ed, ha, he plays whatever he wants
Never what you ask him to do
Chirping away like a budgie on viagra
But do you think he can play things on cue?
On Cue! – Ed! Cue! – Edmund! Cue!

Thank you

Keith Fuller, the resident academic
His segments a total scam
All his quotations from Plato and Socrates
Nah – he makes them up on the tram

Is Dan Warner ever thematically correct?
No, I refuse to hold my tongue
Does he know any songs other than those
By Wilco, Tom Waits and Neil Young?

And management, hell, what can I say
Could they loosen the purse strings just a smidge
Radiothon’s only recently finished
And there’s still no bloody milk in the fridge

No, I’ll say what I like, this is community radio
So don’t try threatening me
It’s not like it’s Iran or North Korea
Or even worse, the ABC

So I haven’t written a poem this week
Who knows, next week I might
Because I can if I do and can if I don’t
Because I can just because – alright?

That was your cue Ed Ed!
Ah Bugger me, forget it!

© Copyright 2008 Ian Bland

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