The theme Jon chose for the JVG Radio Method today was “BLUE EYES”.

Click to play todays piece … [audio:JVG_Poem20070520.mp3]

This week I am on the left coast of Scotland, more accurately on the island of South Uist, weathering out a gale and waiting for the ferry to get in and take us back to Oban. I played in a great session the other night at the local.

The Guiness testing program continues in full flight.

No words yet, but finding an internet cafe that is open is really a problem up here. I will do something about the putting up words as soon as I can.

blue eyes

she was warned the journey could be dangerous
a chance trouble lay ahead
she had the choice to turn back then
but chose to push on instead

they spoke a language strange to her
the odd word she’d understand
the uncertainty a traveller feels
in a foreign, lawless land

she wasn’t sure of who to trust
there were serious drugs involved
when she thought of what she stood to gain
for now, her fears dissolved

until she found herself surrounded
a gang of five, or six or more
their faces masked, their eyes intense
she felt her heart rate soar

the ambush caught her by surprise
no time to be afraid
distracted by the chaos
she didn’t even see the blade

drawn towards a golden light
a sense of calm and rapture grew
a pair of eyes shone through the glow
an incandescent, brilliant blue

are these the eyes of god she thought
like sapphires set in pearl
then a reassuring voice, unseen
announced a healthy five pound girl

© Copyright 2007 Ian Bland

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