w1200_h678_fmaxThe theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Cars“.

Well JVG took off and left me in charge of the show this week.
But not before having told everyone the topic.

It was a bit strange but I did get to roll out some memories of my first set of wheels

And best of all Ed is back.

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EH Holden

It was my old man who found the grey sedan
For the money didn’t have much choice
It was no limousine, but at just eighteen
I thought it was a gold Rolls Royce

It had a column shift that was hard to lift
Couldn’t change second to first
A three speed box, telescopic shocks
And a fuel tank dying of thirst

There was no transistor but it had a demister
That didn’t offer much relief
Instead of blowing clean, it would fog the screen
Had to use your handkerchief

The gears were stiff and I blew the diff
The tyres were as bald as slicks
A constant whine from the 179
So I dropped in a 186

You never could beat, a vinyl bench seat
When taking a date for a ride
I learned a trick, you gave the wheel a flick
You’d end up on the passenger side

Steered like a pig but the boot was big
At the Drive-In you couldn’t want more
You’d pay for two, and pray no-one knew
In the boot there was another four

In the end, I gave it to a friend
The memory still makes me cry
The car was taken, used for a break in
Dumped at the back of Rye

Copped plenty of grief, thought I was the thief
Authorities gave me hell
But what hurt me more was my 64
Was nothing but a burned out shell

I’ll never forget my EH Holden
I still have the key
For all its faults, that bucket of bolts
Had a personality
Now automobiles are computers on wheels
They don’t have a soul today
I wish I was driving my EH Holden
Slowly rusting away

© Copyright 2016 Ian Bland

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