Bland On Bland – Chaos

Bland On Bland – The BookThe theme for this week’s 3RRR JVG Radio Method poem is “Chaos“.

JVG was in the studio for the first time this year and as you would guess the theme became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Chaos prevailed.

A good theme though, a chance to write something different. Good to stretch the brain matter.

Ed Bates provided the musical backing.
Thatch provided the audio production, have a listen to how it went below…

To play this poem directly in your browser – just click the “play” button below:


We were born into chaos
The Big Bang
A silent scream in a Black Hole
Chaos the father, chaos the mother
The seed, the moment, the spark, the lover

We yearn for the certain
A cradle, a curtain
A promise, a story
An allegory
Meaning, assurance, purpose, control
Existence of soul
A god, a myth
A theory, a spliff
A prayer or a beer
To deaden the fear
Something to grip
Jesus resurrected in a potato chip

Life has boundaries, madness a border
Even anarchy eventually descends into order
To break down again; fracture and splinter
Summer turns winter
Tropical snow
A fictional world in a reality show

Sense for the senseless
Hope for the hopeless
Forgiveness for the unforgiving

Ignoring the now
The moment, the fleeting
The heart, while it’s beating
The will, not the why
Trying to dodge raindrops won’t keep you dry

Damned by creation not original sin
The chaos that birthed us now haunts us within

© Copyright 2022 Ian Bland

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