The theme this week for Jon’s JVG Radio Method on 3RRR is “Circus “. Ed Bates is on backing music duties this week.
This was presented in two parts during the annual 3RRR Subscribathon. I know that it will be over by the time you read this, but consider just sending a few bucks along to your local public broadcaster, they can always use it.

Click to hear Circus Part 1… [audio:JVG_Poem20080824.mp3] Click to hear Circus Part 2… [audio:JVG_Poem20080902.mp3]



It was Belle’s idea, the Circus, for once the gang was united
‘Rabbit’ McGorry nearly pissed his pants he got himself that excited

The Fitzgerald sisters, Cindy and Lindy said it sounded like fun
Bruno Lucek wanted in but needed to check with his Mum

‘Squirrel’ Tyrrell had a paper round but his brother could cover that day
Even ‘Spanner’ Chaplee grunted approval in a rare emotional display

But there’s always one and ‘Pig’ Mills was it, as usual up to his tricks
“Circus” he moaned “They’re all the same, why can’t we go to the flicks?

“Stick a sock in it ‘Piggy” chided ‘Rabbit’ irately “No-one forced you to go”
Still he whinged every step between home and the circus, then bagsed a seat front row

Before they caught sight of the Big Top, they could tell they were close by the sound
The bands were playing, the music proclaiming “The Greatest Shows in Town”

While no-one was watching ‘Pig’ ducked away and crawled through a hole in the hoarding
He loved getting something for nothing, said it made the show more rewarding

But he looked like a dick, which didn’t take much, when they told him entry was free
All they asked was consider subscribing, providing you like what you see

JVG and his gang sat two rows across, ‘Squirrel’ tried staring them down
Little Dan Warner tried to hide in the corner which was hard since the Big Top is round

Keith Fuller slouched forwards, stuffing his face, an arrogant sneer on his lips
“That wanker” said Cindy “He’s so full of shit” but Belle said “He’s just full of chips”

Ed Bates and ‘Spanner” respectfully nodded, though enemies, they were brothers of sorts
Both looked like zombies and neither one talked and they wore the same skivvies and shorts

JVG threw a few childish insults but his jibes quickly ran out of steam
Cindy and Lindy both gave him the finger, yelling “Dirtball, how’s this for a theme?”

But the feud was forgotten when the houselights went down to signal the opening routine
Even ‘Piggy” acknowledged, from the very beginning, this circus was like no other he’d seen

For starter’s no-one was cracking a whip as performers poured into the ring
A myriad of artists, acrobats, jugglers, together but each doing their thing

Each act was unique, of the artist’s design, not contrived to keep up with fashion
Those performers weren’t chosen because of their looks, they were chosen because of their passion

Belle loved the fire eaters, ‘Rabbit’ the clowns, Bruno the human cannonball
Lindy the knife throwing, ‘Pig’ loved the stilts, hoping he might see one fall

When Fifi Talour did the splits upside down while balanced on only one hand
“Squirrel” experienced a curious sensation, he was too young to understand

With everyone’s attention on centre ring, Belle glanced up at the trapeze
The acrobats were still climbing the ladder, what Belle saw made her freeze

A coupling had slipped, shifting the weight and breaking one of the straps
The main stays had twisted, the uprights were leaning, the tent was about to collapse

Unfortunately my time has run out, just when their prospects seemed bleak
Will they survive? Or is this the end? The answer we’ll find out next week

I could possibly influence the outcome, I’m not suggesting blackmail or bribe
There’s every chance their fate could hinge on whether or not you subscribe


Those who were listening to last week’s show would recall the sorry event
‘Spanner’ and Belle and the rest of the gang trapped in a circus tent

The stays securing the Big Top failed and we were seconds away from disaster
I could give you the details, what happened and why, but JVG says I have to read faster

So I’ll skip all the good bits, the screaming and crying that followed the deathly silence
I won’t even bring up the gratuitous sex, not to mention the senseless violence

The stories of courage and sacrifice and the selfishness they transcend
No I won’t go in to any of that, I’ll jump straight to the mind-numbing end

In panic the crowd rushed the exits but ‘Pig’ bravely stayed back instead
Gorging himself on bucket’s of popcorn, discarded as everyone fled

‘Belle’ looked at ‘Spanner’, ‘Spanner’ at ‘Belle’ they spoke without saying a thing
Each grabbed a stay and took up the tension and ran to opposite sides of the ring

One by one the crowd joined in, joined in when they could have deserted
Working together, the tent was secured, due to them disaster averted


This rather simplistic analogy, may appear a pinch over fraught
You’re not stupid, our tent’s not falling, but it will without your support

Already the media’s in too few hands, what we see, what we hear, they control
Lose a station like this, we lose more than the circus, in truth we lose part of our soul

This circus is built on your contribution, a legacy worth handing down
Diverse, independent, local and vocal, “The Greatest Shows in Town”

© Copyright 2008 Ian Bland

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