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The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “ Clothes “.

JVG was sadly absent from the show today and the hosting duties were covered by Dr Pump.

A great show and I loved the poem theme I was given.

Ed Bates, provided backing this week. Here’s the poem below…

To play this poem directly in your browser – just click the “play” button below:


Clothes, our modesty encased
Outrageous, conservative or chaste

Colour, fabric, image, style
The sensible, the fun, the vile

Demure, austere or glam and glitz
Hide your parts or show your bits

Evening dress or dressing gown
Frocking up or dressing down

Decadent or elegant?
Comfort? Darling, irrelevant

Jewel encrusted sable stoles
Designer jeans with designer holes

Tailored suits reveal your class
Or ‘saggers’ to reveal your arse

Clothes to threaten or inflate
Assert your power, intimidate

Provocative or demeaning
Cultural or political leaning

Rebel, repel, accentuate
Impress a boss, attract a mate

Feed your id, protect your skins
Mask a multitude of sins

Clad in an hermetic sheath
Obscure whatever’s underneath

Veil your weight, your shape, your age
A rainbow or a cloak of beige

Stand out, blend in, discreet, overt
Black hoodie or Hawaiian shirt

Clothes embolden, liberate
Or objectify and subjugate

Clothes can brighten up the drab
Broaden shoulders, hide the flab

Padded, braced, strung with wires
Inbuilt gravity defiers

To cheer you up, calm or soften
Worn every day or every so often

Clothes, a statement, bold or warming
Tribal, or non-conforming

As fickle as the shifting sands
Less the clothes and more the brands

For some there’s nothing more rewarding
Than become an advertising hoarding

Seduced by magazines and friends
Enslaved by ever changing trends

Fashion and ego in collusion
A woven, stitched, adorned illusion

It proves the story I suppose
The emperor truly loves new clothes

© Copyright 2017 Ian Bland

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