Bland On Bland – Comeback

Photo By Jools Thatcher
Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s  JVG Radio Method poetry segment is “Comeback”

We have Dan Warner doing the guitar duties this week,  filling in for Ed.



Napoleon tried it – as did Tony Lockett
Both met with zero success
Bjorn Borg had a shot – Good idea? I think not
Amy Winehouse, Muhammad Ali, INXS

The Beatles perhaps should have, the Rolling Stones would have
But never found enough time to split
The Spice Girls, to their credit, at least were consistent
Both comebacks sounded like shit

Lance Armstrong succeeded – Kim Clijsters, Niki Lauda
And Kylie’s come back just as big
Bob Geldof attempts one every charity concert
It’s the only way he still gets a gig

Raelene Boyle, John Farnham – Lazarus of course
Leonard Cohen, The Who – even Bread
The Drifters still tour, which is quite an achievement
Given all of the members are dead

Never say never, just look at Led Zepplin
Though theirs’ only lasted a day
Bob Dylan has built a career out of comebacks
Without ever actually going away

For decades Pink Floyd resisted temptation
Till Live 8 lured them back from the brink
But they didn’t go far, just four songs – no cigar
And I still don’t know which one is ‘Pink’

Pauline Hanson’s made more comebacks than Dame Nellie Melba
And it’s not over yet – mores the pity
Robert Doyle missed his chance to screw up the state
So he’s come back to screw up the city

Queen without Freddy – The Doors without Jim
Wolfmother, Celine and Camilla
Limp Bizkit’s return at least matched their name
While Michael Jackson’s was – well, a killer

Now Alloy Head and the Victa Motors
Are making a comeback – again
A thrill, no doubt for those with a penchant
For overripe, middle aged men

It’s with a heavy heart, I regret to inform you
This will be my last ode
Artistic differences and clashes of egos
Have proved to heavy a load

I leave without malice, the decision is final
Beyond that I’m advised not to speak
But on a positive note I’m pleased to announce
My comeback – commencing next week

© Copyright 2009 Ian Bland

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