Bland On Bland – Daddy

Photo By Jools Thatcher
Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Daddy”

Sadly I don’t have a recording this week (yet)


“Daddy, watch this – Daddy! Look, I’m in the tree!”
“D-a-d-d-y! This is my special jump – Daddy, look at me”

“Righto” came the pained reply, head buried in ‘The Age'”
“I’m watching” – hollow words, eyes focussed on the page

“Daddy, watch this, I’m going backwards down the slide”
“That’s good” his father mumbled from behind the TV Guide

A triumph on the tower brought yet another interjection
Acknowledged by a grunt from amidst the Business Section

The maiden crossing of the monkey bars, a celebration you’d have thought
There was a victory punch – on the back page of the sport

Engrossed in “The Two of Us” half way through “Good Weekend”
He didn’t even notice that his son had made a friend

It was left to other kids and families to reassure
While Dad eyed Pear and Rhubarb Tarts, immersed in ‘Epicure’

While he cracked the cryptic crossword and skimmed the Classified Ads
His boy was playing hide and seek with other mums and dads

What no Catherine Deveny? – poor Dad was in a twitter
At least he had the park as a de facto babysitter

The footy disappearing, kicked high into the trees
He couldn’t see it for the forest as he scanned obituaries

After studying the form guide, a text message on his phone
“Come on lad, we’ve played enough – time we’re heading home”

Rolled up his paper and magazines and ambled from the park
“I promised your mother I’d mow the lawns and here it is almost dark”

“Oh, you haven’t lost your footy? – Do you think I’m a millionaire?”
“Can’t you be more bloody careful – Concentrate – be aware”

They wove through the back streets in silence, Dad still counting the cost
Seemingly oblivious that more than the ball had been lost

It’s not easy being a father – It’s not easy being a son
But not hard to go from being a daddy to the loser who lives with their mum

© Copyright 2010 Ian Bland

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