This week in a moment of supreme perversity, Jon’s choice of topic for the JVG Radio Method is “DAN“, now trust me on this, “Dan” is not a theme, it’s a name, themes are things, idea’s concepts not people’s names. So rather than take him out behind the bike shed and give him a spot of percussive education, I sat down, counted my blessings that he hadn’t chosen “Oprah” and wrote today’s poem.

Click to hear today’s poem… [audio:JVG_Poem20080217.mp3]

Today, Jon and I chatted about how amazing the Australian Government’s sorry to the stolen generation was and how everyone has woken up to how appalling the Howard government was. May we live in interesting times.
Ed Bates yet again providing suitably “Dannish” backgrounds on slide guitar.


Dear Dan
Thankyou for responding to my birthday invitation
I’ve awaited your reply with great anticipation
I had an inkling you weren’t coming, but you’d realise that i’m sure
Given that the party was in nineteen eighty four

We last spoke a few days prior, as i seem to recollect
I dropped round unannounced, you were rather circumspect
My memories a bit hazy, though i don’t think much was said
Oh, that’s right, Clare, my girlfriend, was naked in your bed

You blurted “hey be cool man, it doesn’t mean a thing”
Not to an egotist like you perhaps, just another piece of bling
No respect, no concern, no attempt to make amends
Whereas with effort, time and honesty, Clare and i became good friends

Thanks for your kind wishes in regard to mum and dad
They wondered what became of you, they were hoping it was bad
I recall they lent you money, even guaranteed a loan
Let me put your mind at rest, no they haven’t lost their home

You caused them some distress, for a while there things were bleak
But their house was too big anyway, so they’ve downsized, so to speak
They’ll be tickled pink i heard from you, I’ll tell them naturally
When i visit them next Saturday, at Cheltenham cemetery

Did you ever meet a girl named Ros, before you ran away?
How stupid of me, i forgot, Ros was then your fianc‚
From memory twelve weeks pregnant, twins, no wonder you chose to run
And just a bit of trivia, Dan, you’ve a daughter and a son

Well biologically anyway, and in the rudest health
Am i boring you discussing someone other than yourself?
Both terrific kids, Dan, a constant source of pride
They inherited the strongest genes — all from their mother’s side
Ros has never once complained, despite all you put her through
All the friends you hurt and used, Ros apologised — for you

I can still recite verbatim the contents of your parting note
“i need time and space to find myself, stay cool” end of quote
You’ve had ample time and space to explore your awesome mind
No doubt discovered, as we’ve long known — there’s nothing there to find

Did you expect a welcome home after all those years estranged?
The future depends on addressing the past, otherwise nothing’s changed
Your letter crammed with reasons, to justify your course
No apology, just excuses, not a skerrick of remorse

Souls far more evolved than mine would forgive and forget i suppose
Let bygones, be bygones, and talking of bygones, Dan, you are one of those
You’re an arrogant, narcissistic prick, with that I’ll end this letter
I’m not showing you much charity, but i feel a whole lot better

Ps, an apology was offered this week, in case you haven’t heard
After years, as Elton John observed “sorry seemed the hardest word”
The emotion of that moment took many by surprise
Sorry reaches beyond regret – with the power to galvanise
Sorry grows beyond a word when it’s spoken from the heart
It’s not the perfect ending, Dan, but it could be the perfect start
© Copyright 2008 Ian Bland “Dan is not a theme”

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