blndonblandpoem-featuredThe theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Don’t Leave Me“.

Always a good day when Sarah Carroll is in the studio to annoy err “help” JVG out with the hosting duties.

More good news, Ed is getting well.

Now on with the poem #Trump seemed like a good place to start …

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Don’t Leave Me

Donald Trump, don’t leave us
We’re having too much fun
You’re Hanson, Yeltsin, ‘Chopper’ Reid
All rolled into one

Your ego is unsinkable
No-one can call you a quitter
Little wonder you love pussies
You dwell in kitty litter

Clinton’s too weak to be president
I mean, have you heard her cough?
A little thing like pneumonia
And she takes the whole day off

Miss Piggy, Alicia Machado
Disgusting, you ordered petite
She was paid to look good in a swimsuit
No-one said she could eat

As for walking in on naked contestants
It is the land of the free
If you didn’t keep an eye on employees
What sort of a boss would you be?

The media’s so biased
Won’t let you take a trick
Every question relates to policy
Not one about your dick

Which is huge, we know, you’ve raised it
Many, many times before
Your dick will come in handy Don
When you start a nuclear war

Obama’s socialist health care system
For lazy Hispanics and Blacks
Why should the poor bludge of your taxes?
Well they would if you paid any tax

This wall to keep out the Mexicans
I don’t think your man is Mike Pence
The bloke you need is Eric Abetz
He knows how to build a fence

He’ll make sure the palings are straight
Unwelcoming, rigid and hardy
If he can’t build a fence high enough
There’s always Corey Bernardi

Tony Abbot loves you Don
Cause Turnbull thinks you’re shite
Tony’s dreaming of a resurrection
He could even make you a knight

The world’s conspired against you
To send your campaign south
Still it’s strange the source of all your lies
Appears to be your mouth

At least the Kremlin’s rooting for you
They support their comrade brother
Seems boorish, bigoted, narcissistic bullies
Look after one another

If you’re after an apprentice
Who shares your fiscal goals
We’ve a Senator, James Paterson
He’d let you have ‘Blue Poles’

The Western world salutes you
Your ignorance is inspired
Don’t leave us Don, like Sarah Palin
On second thoughts, you’re fired

© Copyright 2016 Ian Bland

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