Photo By Jools Thatcher

Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Dream“.

Good afternoon Jon, and greetings, once again, from Coventry.

I’ve had a very nostalgic week, this week.

Monday night I was part of a packed Symphony Hall in Birmingham for the opening show of Mott the Hoople’s reunion tour, and last night I was back in England’s second biggest city to catch Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings featuring, among many, Albert Lee on guitar, Maria Muldaur, Beverly Skeete, Geraint Watkins, although Georgie Fame, unfortunately pulled out with pneumonia, a fun night all the same.

Have to say Bill’s looking in pretty good shape for seventy seven – almost as good as our own Harold Frith, although I reckon Harold moves a bit faster.

Sorry, I’ll rephrase that – Harold moves. I suppose he has to, he’s a drummer.

No doubt excitement is building right across Melbourne as BBQ Day looms closer – anyone who thinks they’ve got a better way of celebrating the opening of summer, well, you’re dreaming!

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Also have a listen to the songs on the New Album “Angel In Reverse


Last night I had a dream: Not like Martin Luther King
More an REM fuelled frolic: a sub-conscious, neural fling

Continuity and logic gave up without a fight
My prefrontal cortex having clocked off for the night

All rein on sense and reason took a very well earned breather
Look at some of Dylan’s words: they don’t make sense either

It doesn’t make for lesser songs, to say the very least
Equally, my dream served up a vivid, visual feast

A masterpiece of randomness: the plot line changed at will
Classic Tarantino fused with Cecil B DeMille

Special effects when needed, without going too berserk
Unlike “Star Wars:The Phantom Menace” I let the actors do the work

It was memorable and moving, lasting till I woke
I really liked the humour, but then I suppose I wrote the joke

While the scenery was spectacular, the story was bizarre
I won’t bore you with the content: only rated PGR

Some consider dreams represent repressed emotions
There are others who harbour more supernatural notions

Falling; a fear of letting go: Water; inner peace
Baldness; a loss of strength: Death; change or release

A house; your inner psyche: Stairs; denote ambition
Nudity; vulnerability or desire for recognition

While everyone is free to give their own interpretation
I humbly offer up a far more simple explanation

Purely escapist, nothing profound: no hidden spiritual meaning
Brain cells using downtime to defrag and a spot of cleaning

My brain was throwing a party: Nothing insightful or deep
It had won control of the X Box, once I’d been lulled to sleep

I know sometimes I drive it nuts with TV and caffiene
My neurons, having worked all day were just letting off some steam

Street directories, tax returns, all the crap it has to hear
And then I take it out and make the poor sod bathe in beer

So if it gets its jollies dreaming, I’m not going to probe
If things get a little risqué, well, I just turn the other lobe

What it likes to dream at night, well, to each their own, I say
What worries me is what the bastard dreams up in the day

© Copyright 2013 Ian Bland

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