Photo By Jools Thatcher

Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “ Duo “.

Jon decided to take a long weekend and buggered off leaving the show in the capable hands of Sarah Carroll. It’s always so relaxed and “sane” when Sarah is in the big chair.  With a theme like Duo, there were lots of possibilities, I decided to go with silly.

Ironically Ed was also unavailable today with prior commitments rendering me a “mono“(?)

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The human condition, shows a mean disposition
Petulant, selfish and mordant
Duos rarely endure, too insecure
Break ups, usually discordant

The first, I believe, was Adam and Eve
All it took was a bit of a shove
Then Cain took out Abel, whether fact or a fable
In a gesture of brotherly love

An artistic runkle, vexed Simon and Garfunkel
Who sadly broke up in their prime
Way, way more silly, Milli Vanilli
A Grammy and all they did was mime

The Everly Brothers, Sam and Dave, amongst others
Found it hard to forgive and forget
Though Basil and Sybil were prone to a quibble
They left it behind on the set

Billy Bob, Angelina, Ike Turner and Tina
All rue the day they were wed
Charles and Dianne, unlike Henry and Anne
The bride at least left with her head

Barbie viewed Ken, unlike other men
Though shallow, his shoulders seemed broader
No interest in books, an obsession with looks
Which helped fuel her eating disorder

There was no doubt that Slash and Axl would clash
Is there no-one Axl wouldn’t harangue?
Although they died, Bonny and Clyde
At least went out with a bang

Kermit, Miss Piggy, Puffy and Biggy
Romeo and Juliette
Kevin and Brittney, Bobby and Whitney
Zig and Zag, Scarlett and Rhett

Like a tattoo, a massive IQ
Won’t assist a duet to last longer
Tarzan and Jane, proved that no brain
Can help makes partnerships stronger

We learn from the past, duets rarely last
It all comes out in the wash
For decades they fight, reconcile, reunite
Usually when they run short of dosh

Most duos are cursed, they bring out the worst
Overblown egos are chronic
The exception, I think, a pair always in sync
My favourite couple, Gin and Tonic

© Copyright 2012 Ian Bland

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