RRRBBQDay2014_046The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Elements“.

Dan Warner was running the show show today, and he picked a great theme.

OK he changed it midweek but still I had a great time writing this one., it really came out well

Thanks to Ed Bates for his excellent guitar backing today (was that “Ebb Tide I heard you playing ?)
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Four travellers met upon a field
Each claimed the path and would not yield

Earth, Air, Water, Fire
None would waiver, none retire

They argued long into the night
As to who deserved the right

Who was the greatest: who should lead?
Each thought themselves, at length agreed

In the interests of saving face
Each, in turn, would forward their case

Despite their arrogance and pride
They would let a simple vote decide

Earth, spoke first: dismissive: vain
Every comment dripped disdain

“Water: Your torrents merely tease
I tower above your lakes and seas

Your moody outbursts hold no fear
When seasons change, you disappear

Fire, you fool: your careless ways
All that gives you life, you raze

At least you’re vibrant, unlike Air
Unless it moves, who’d know it’s there?

I am solid: let others dream
It is I who reigns supreme”

Water, rose: could take no more
“Earth, you tiresome, pompous bore

I shaped you with my streams and creeks
My glaciers cleave your tallest peaks

As for Air, that fickle knave
It bears my clouds, like a galley slave

That peacock Fire, with its blustering flame
It flickers in panic at the sound of my name

It knows, should I choose to descend, it could die
Who is the greatest? Clearly, tis I”

“Your Highness” sneered Fire “ let me bathe in you dew
I can easily climb mountains – tell me, can you?

If I fear you so much, when we meet, tell me why
One kiss and you vanish, scurry back to the sky

Air, disorganised: your gusts, irritating
I’m always ready but you keep me waiting

Earth, so lazy: you have no grounds to preach
Only move when you’re pushed, like a whale on a beach

You are nothing but dust when it’s all said and done
The greatest among us? It’s clear, I’m the one”

Air began gently, measured and slow
Breath quickly building and continued to blow

“Fire, so impatient, leaving too much to chance
I draw your flames: I make you dance

Earth, you act tough, yet are crumbs in my hands
I take fertile plains and create dessert sands

Dear Water, deluded: Call me one of your slaves?
I chose your currents: I shape your waves

You are powerless to stop me: I decide where you fall
It is beyond question: I’m the greatest of all

And so they continued, without stopping to rest
Each considered themselves to be best

None would concede: None would back down
They wrestled and postured as they vied for the crown

The battle goes on, even now, as I’m writing
All round the world, ceaselessly fighting

A bushfire, an earthquake, a sandstorm, a gale
A cyclone, a mud slide, eruptions and hail

The world’s made to suffer, for their selfish ambitions
They’re in the wrong business: They’d make good politicians

Elementary really

© Copyright 2015 Ian Bland

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