Bland On Bland – The BookThe theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Elvis“.

Good afternoon John and greetings from Meredin, the dead centre of England.

Currently in the middle of a heatwave over here and of course they’ve been getting overly excited about the football, which at least stops them wanting to talk about the cricket.

Still, a lot of talk here about Brexit as they negotiate their withdrawal next year and I’m reminded of the line often used to calm crowds post-concert “Elvis has left the building” – but I reckon Elvis was the building.

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they said the music was born in hell’s fire
not some run down Mississippi shack
they said he was the voice of Satan
what they really meant was he sounded black

he was just a man but people worshipped him like Jesus
he knew how to sing, but not how to survive
even in the grave they still have him working
earns more money dead than when he was alive

will heaven look like Graceland
where pilgrims come by bus to worship and repent
buying Elvis cups and mugs and key rings
the colonel at the gates skimming 50 percent

will he be bloated, wrapped in sequins and a jumpsuit
or looking sharp in blue suede and gold lame’
I’ve heard one’s in hell, the other’s in heaven
some swear he’s still alive today

will he finally rest among the faithful
miss clawdy, little sister and judy so divine
he’ll recognise his own beloved angel
by the picture of a cowboy tattooed on her spine

I had a dream last night I was dying
a voice came down a tunnel, so peaceful and serene
said “son when your time comes maybe you could bring me
a fried banana sandwich and a hundred dexedrine?”

when I die will I meet Elvis
will he be at peace, free from all the lies
leaning on the bar in the heartbreak hotel
was he really king or the devil in disguise?

© Copyright 2018 Ian Bland

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