Bland On Bland – End Of The World

Photo By Jools Thatcher
Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “ End Of The World “.

I believe I have Dan Warner to thank for this weeks theme. “End Of The World” is an absolute ripper to work with. Sorry if the voice is a bit croaky, had a throat infection since last week and it wont go away (but it’s not the “End Of The World”).

Once again I have the inestimable Ed Bates doing the background guitar bits this week.


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End Of The World

End of the World

Oh not the end of the world – again
It’s becoming a weekly event
I’ve just settled back into living in sin
Once more I have to repent

You get all pumped up in anticipation
Await the day they’ve anointed
Then just like Meat Loaf’s Grand Final performance
You come away disappointed

Though I have to admit as a serial sinner
To feeling a sense of relief
Not like the pious who long for the torment
The worms and gnashing of teeth

Those apocolytes are so bloody eager
Impatient to disembark
They’ll do anything to speed up the process
Like sending troops to Iraq

If God really created the world
As most religions believe
Given it’s beauty, it’s kind of insulting
To be in a hurry to leave

The Mayan calendar runs out next year
Armagedon, some people surmise
How come, if the Mayans were so insightful
They failed to foretell their demise

Did they really forsee the end of the world?
Next year? As some seem to think
Maybe the reason is less cataclysmic
Perhaps they just ran out of ink

Whoever authored “Revelations”
Needs a foot up the arse, no mistake
It’s as clear as the Yarra after a storm
Or James Joyce’s “Finegans Wake”

The famines, pestilence, earthquakes and wars
That signal the end is nye
They’ve been about since Eve nobbled Adam
It’s obvious something’s awry

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Can turn round their nags and head home
Deforestation, Pollution, Global Warming
We’re doing the job on our own

Besides “Revelations” is still being written
A few factual issues to address
Penned, as it were, by Andrew Bolt
Dished up in the Murdoch Press

There’s always someone who thinks they’re a prophet
While I hate to be a detractor
Their dubious talents are much better suited
To becoming a judge on X factor

After being proved wrong on so many occasions
You’d think they’d be somewhat contrite
Oh no, predict the end enough times
One day you’re bound to be right

The world was supposed to end on Friday
I sincerely hope they were bluffing
Or else I’ve spent my last days on earth
Writing this poem for nothing

© Copyright 2011 Ian Bland

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