expressThe theme this week for the JVG Radio Method is “EXPRESS“. Some days I am left wondering at Jon’s choice of themes.

This week the technical gremlins have reared their ugly heads and eaten the recording of today’s poem. Alas the wonderful performance has been lost to posterity but fortunately they didn’t get my notes.

Ed Bates was on slide today.


Caught the 5:43 richmond to lilydale
Running express to box hill
Running, i assume, is a technical term
Cause we spent more time standing still

So the 5:48, which left at 6:02
Was forced to collect us half way
Though later and late we still arrived sooner
– You know what i’m trying to say

The supermarket express lane
No-one seems to know what twelve items means
A bloke at the front claimed he had just the one item
Ninety two cans of baked beans

Those who chose the regular checkout
In no time at all they were through
While i, with my minties and copy of dolly
Languished at the end of the queue

My daughter – born several weeks premature
Had trouble getting milk from the breast
Her mother became slave to a ravenous pump
Day and night milk was expressed

Week upon week without missing a beat
The noise nearly drove us insane
I recall thinking “a pity that motor
Wasn’t powering the lilydale train”

Words offer promise but no guarantees
Everything’s relative i guess
Things take as long as the time that things take
Not a solitary moment – more or less

Time flashes by, not a second to spare
What’s fast to a tortoise is slow to a hare

The world’s getting faster, while i’m getting slower
The pressure is higher – tolerance lower

Friendship’s downloaded from some glib database
No need to relate – instead interface
Patience, a virtue – but can you cut to the chase

“Cut to the chase” has become an obsession
Express after all is just an expression

© Copyright 2009 Ian Bland

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