Photo By Jools Thatcher

Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “ Faces “.

You really dont want to take a week off do you.

Last week I was playing  at the Healesville (hi to everyone who said hello) and in my absence Jon did a bad imitation of my “alleged” grumpy persona (although in fairness he did play Drifter).

I had my revenge this week though, Jon was running late so I got to run the show. Well until he showed up and figured out how to unlock the doors.

Once again I have Ed Bates on slide guitar supplying the backing.

To play this poem directly in your browser – just click the “play” button below:

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“Those” mused the poet “Are interesting faces”
As old men shuffled by in the street
“In their sadness are stories” imagined the poet
A hunter sensing fresh meat

But the character glimpsed in weathered crags
Too often, a deceptive veneer
Faces sculptured by cigarettes
Bitterness, lethargy, beer

Sad old bastards whose sole contribution
Was drinking and beating their wives
Their only achievement, outliving their peers
Now deemed to have interesting lives

We bestow on the old, the ultimate insult
Affording them universal respect
Judging their worth based purely on years
Character, confused with neglect

Sweet little old ladies and charming old gents
Generic – like puppies and dolls
Stripped of their rights to perception and wit
Of their talents, their sins and their souls

Patronised, pasteurised, treated as children
Resistance put down to old age
Passion, dismissed as “A feisty old thing”
Their rainbow, seven shades of beige

That gentle old fella could be guilty of war crimes
But his years and our bias keep him free
While the doddering biddy asleep in the wheelchair
Helped find a cure for TB

In the young we nourish the emergence of Id
Encourage and will it to grow
While too often, the old, achievements forgotten
Are rolled into one soggy dough

A face, to the poet, is ink to the pen
At times tangled with those they’ve outlasted
A face etched by living – immersion – involvement
Or just another sad old bastard

© Copyright 2011 Ian Bland

One comment on “Bland On Bland – Faces

  • Hi Ian,

    Was so impressed with this poem, that I rang and spoke to you at the station. I always enjoy your contributions to JVG, but this was moving in a very emotional way. It still reverberates within me.

    Many thanks for your always thoughtful words.


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