Photo By Jools Thatcher

Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Fever”.

Not as easy a topic as I first thought, let me know what you think.

Ed Bates once again on guitar duties this week (thanks, as always)

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Dad was in the backyard trying to fix a leaking hose
Mum was in the laundry, with a pile of filthy clothes

The girls were in the kitchen; Barbara and Lee
Playing with their dollies, sharing cakes and sipping tea

The cakes, made from cardboard, all agreed were a sensation
No chef can match the skills of a child’s imagination

The tea, replaced with cordial, syrupy and sweet
At their dolls’ insistence they drank their beverage neat

Their dollies, Jazz and Fifi, declared the tea fantastic
But never trust the palette of a gourmand made from plastic

Returning to the kitchen, Mum heard a gurgling sound
Discovered the girls semi conscious on the ground

She yelled to her husband “Quickly Roy, this is serious”
“The girls have a fever and Barbara is delirious”

Roy called the doctor, she was round there in a flash
Checked their vital signs, looked for any hint of rash

Listless, speaking gibberish, eyes sensitive to light
Scarlet Fever? Meningitis? Or some kind of parasite?

Maybe accidental poisoning? What did they eat and drink?
Mum checked all the cleaners stashed underneath the sink

The girls began to vomit. Between the pair, non-stop
The doctor was perplexed. Dad ran for the mop

Should they call an ambulance? The doctor not convinced
She picked up dollies tea cup, took a sniff and winced

She handed it to Roy, who coyly drew a sip
“Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Joyce; it’s your mother’s blackberry nip”

The mystery affliction proved the commonest of ills
The cure, a bowl of greasy chips, no need for drugs or pills

The girls learned a lesson much to Joyce and Roy’s relief
They’ll never confuse cordial with their Gran’s aperitif

Leaving sweet liqueurs within children’s reach is risky
Though, as Roy pointed out they won’t go near the Whiskey

The girls were content to get their sugar hit from lollies
And never, ever, again sort guidance from their dollies

© Copyright 2010 Ian Bland

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