Bland On Bland – Fields

Photo By Jools Thatcher
Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “ Fields “.

Enjoyed writing this weeks poem. I was up the bush, fending of snakes and as I drove back the town it all just seemed to gel.

The slide guitar in the background was by Ed Bates. He seems to have enjoyed it as well.

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The farm house still remained
Though threatening to fall
The paddocks long since swallowed
By the endless urban sprawl

At it’s peak, three hundred acres
Now whittled down to two
Wedged between the factories
A highway for a view

Lottie Carr was born there
Her family, pioneers
The only home she knew
In her ninety seven years

When Lottie died and left no will
None claimed her estate
The council took possession
In lieu of unpaid rates

That land enticed the local kids
Like moths drawn to a flame
They called it “Lottie’s Field”
They were quick to stake their claim

They clambered up the pines
Once the entrance to the farm
Some brought down old scramblers
None came to too much harm

They sat around a campfire, talking
Sipping smuggled port
A place to test their wings
Without the fear of being caught

A chunk of land un-manicured
Just scrub and rocks and dirt
Not choked by regulations
In case some kid gets hurt

Kids being kids
As they fumbled through their teens
It takes a hint of danger
To learn what danger means

But the council flogged the land off
Some chain from overseas
A warehouse ringed by barbed wire
While a car park claimed the trees

Now kids are penned in playgrounds
Dictated by a sign
No ball games, no skateboards
Hundred dollar fine

No dogs allowed, no BBQ’s
No imagination
The monkey bars and swings removed
In case of litigation

Economic rationalism
A logic we abuse
As the population rises
It seems the more we lose

Councils keep on growing
Demand a bigger share
Yet they’ve sold or outsourced everything
You wonder why they’re there

Child care and nursing homes
And other assets lost
Sometimes a wise investment
Isn’t measured by the cost

The things that bind communities
Aren’t ruled by cost and yield
Every town and suburb
Could do with “Lottie’s Field”

© Copyright 2011 Ian Bland

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