Photo By Jools Thatcher

Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “ Fool “.

Jon decided to go with Fool as a theme this week, the show falling on April Fools Day this week.

I treated myself to Crosby,Stills and Nash at the Palais this week, David Crosby couldn’t sing but it was a great show. Stills surprised me with his guitar playing, I didn’t realise what a great player he was. OK I’m the fool you all knew he was great player years ago.

Ed Bates on slide once again this week.

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Also have a listen to the tracks on the new EP “Once We Were Kings Of The World


On reflection it was foolish
Wouldn’t tackle it again
But it didn’t seem that stupid
At least it didn’t then

A holiday adventure
Your heart ignores your brain
In retrospect, I now concede
It was totally insane!

Climbing up a rock face
Barefoot, in our jocks
Leaping off a waterfall
Our guide swore “Ain’t no crocs”

He had local knowledge
The rivers, lakes and creeks
Found out on the drive back
He’d only lived there seven weeks

Though he’d sculled a dozen “Bundies”
His judgement seemed quite sound
Didn’t swim himself, of course
Probably would have drowned

We made that jump a dozen times
Swam an hour or so
Dried off, got dressed, had lunch
We were just about to go

Then we spied it on the bank
Must have been there all the while
Eyes, colder than a penguin’s arse
A salt water crocodile

Every bit two metres long
Or somewhere there about
Approximate was close enough
Not game to pace it out

By the time we left the park, that beast
Was longer than a car
But our estimate near doubled
That evening in the bar

We headed home next morning
Which was just as well for us
That bastard, like our story
Now stretched longer than a bus

I wonder if our guide
Is still out there tempting fate
Trusting fools, like us
Bobbing round like bait

How would Charles Darwin
Depict us in a play?
“Survival of the fittest:
The ones who got away”

We humans like to think
We’re the smartest things created
But intelligence and wisdom
Aren’t in any way related

Our great advances dwarfed
By the damage we have done
Fools outnumber visionaries
A million fold to one

This, the species, many claim
The heavens have anointed
Eden, sold and carved up
Gods, themselves exploited

The human race, deluded
Is not the sharpest tool
If we’re made in God’s image
Then God’s a bloody fool!

© Copyright 2012 Ian Bland

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