Photo By Jools Thatcher

Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Georgia“. Jon has invited Georgia Fields and band  into the studio today – hence the theme. He was tird after his week off.

Dave Evans is on accordion this week, Ed is off playing at the Brunswick Music Festival

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Also have a listen to my album “Drifter


The garden, long neglected, bound and overgrown
The shovel glanced a rock, I thought, a rusted bolt or stone

I broke away a clod of clay and scraped the sticky mess
No bottle top or shard of glass – a golden ring no less

Once I’d washed it clean I found inside the band
Engraved, “Dearest Georgia, Love Eternally, Stan”

It seemed a good excuse to put the tools back in the shed
I cracked a beer and pondered how it found my garden bed

A relationship gone wrong, perhaps? It wouldn’t be the first
Thrown away in anger, like the love affair, now cursed

Was Georgia once a gardener? Someone must have been
As her fingers worked the soil had it fallen off unseen?

Was it pawned to feed the family? Was it sold to pay the rent?
Was it grieved or soon forgotten? Cast out or accident?

Had it lain there for a decade, a century or more?
A soldier’s parting gift as he headed off to war?

Could Georgia still be living? Or long gone, as one supposes?
Was this ring spread with her ashes to dwell amongst the roses?

There was no way of telling, but I knew, at least, one thing
If only for a moment great love flowed through this ring

Now I’m no sentimentalist, quite opposite I’m told
But the value of this ring once far outweighed the gold

I, for all my wonderings can never know its worth
I finished off my beer and dug it back into the earth

No purely selfless act I admit with no regret
My long neglected garden needs all the love that it can get

© Copyright 2011 Ian Bland

3 comments on “Bland On Bland – Georgia

  • I was at home washing dishes on Sunday afternoon when this poem was read on RRR.

    I slowly circled that same plate with my sponge as the story unfolded.

    What a beautiful idea and perfect execution.

    After hearing this, my wife and I decided not to nap on the couch and instead went to the park and took photos.

    Thanks for completely changing my bland Sunday.



  • Thanks Ben, I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
    I have to admit I have been circling the same plate with my sponge for the past couple of decades.
    I hope the photos warranted the loss of couch time!

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