Bland On Bland – Go

Photo By Jools Thatcher
Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Go“.

Well this was an easy one to see coming, if last weeks was Stop this week has to be “Go”

Ed Bates supplied the guitar backing this week

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Beryl Boyd of Brunswick
Loved a Craven A
A love she consumated
Around fifty times a day

Warnings from her doctor
Were met with “Bugger off”
Blamed an allergy to pollen
For the wheeze and hacking cough

“Just polyps in my sinuses”
“Don’t make such a fuss”
“I could give up fags tomorrow”
“Then get run down by a bus”

Those words proved prophetic
Not that Beryl knew a damn
Barely one week later
She was cleaned up by a tram

Crossing Sydney Road
As she rummaged through her bag
Paused on the tram lines
Long enough to light a fag

“Bloody plastic lighters”
Last words she’d ever cry
The No 19 whisked her
To the ashtray in the sky

At her funeral, husband Bert
Who was naturally upset
Lay the blame on public transport
Not the treasured cigarette

“Left us in her prime” sobbed Bert
“Taken way too young”
“As fit as any athlete”
“At least any with half a lung”

“You have to die of something”
Is as true as it is trite
The mantra of the misanthropes
Give in without a fight

Survival is an art form
From the sound to the absurd
Instinct, odds, risk, return
Fate, the final word

Bad luck, bad genes, bad habits
Wrong call, wrong place, wrong time
The void that lies between the words
Malignant and benign

Life cannot be lengthened
But is easily cut short
Survival of the fittest
Are the ones who don’t get caught

Exactly when we’ll breathe our last
Is not for us to know
Try head butting a tram
Fair chance it’s time to go

© Copyright 2012 Ian Bland

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