The theme Jon chose for the JVG Radio Method today was “GO”.

Click to play today’s piece … [audio:JVG_Poem20070617.mp3]

Rather apropos choice of topic this week, I will be winging my way back to Melbourne next week and should be recovered in time for the Community Cup. I leave the Lakes District today, head back to Coventry and then back to Melbourne.


with a ready set go, after a terminal wait
my love life jumped out of the starting gate
no confident leap or spontaneous ignition
but the veil of the desperate – the kissing competition

i was utterly besotted with the demure juliet
to her family a mckenzie, to me a capulet
but like most teenage males i dealt with feelings discreetly
i displayed my affection by ignoring her completely

under starter’s orders, i passed a comb through my hair
still feigning no interest, merely responding to a dare
while inside brewed a cauldron, outside stood a fridge
i sat as rigid as a pylon on the west gate bridge

our lips came together on the stroke of the clock
like two trucks colliding, i went straight into shock
though i longed to cut loose, i was stuck in default
my lips jammed tighter than a rusted engine bolt

her tongue began probing in search of a latch
but my mouth remained sealed like a submarine hatch
ten minutes, twenty, thirty, one hour
if i proved nothing else it was i had staying power

her tongue started weaving like a hypnotised snake
but i kept my mouth clamped in case i made a mistake
these were uncharted waters, i chose to withdraw
my mouth locked down like a prison cell door

her jaws opened wider, i was nearly sucked in
one lip cupped my nose, the other my chin
concern turned to panic, my fear became chronic
my considered response was to remain catatonic

for an hour she persisted but it felt twice as long
by doing nothing i reasoned, i could do nothing wrong
two hours, three hours, almost three and a half
i would have collapsed but i was caught in her scarf

my whole face was numb, i finally lost grip
but juliet’s tongue was now glued to my lip

we fell back exhausted, thirsty and spent
she gave me a look, i wasn’t sure what it meant
like a solo explorer who’s fallen short of their goal
trekked months on the ice and still not found the pole

i tried to say something as juliet disappeared
but nothing came out, my lips had adhered

still i thought things went well, then i’m a little slow
but when i dropped round next day she said “i think you better go”
i assumed she had homework, till i found from her sister
she was upstairs with my best friend – and they were playing – twister!

my mind began spinning as i pictured the scene
his left hand on red, her right foot on green
the reality hit me, my anxiety grew
which parts of their anatomies were on the yellow and blue

i was totally gutted, my pride took a beating
we’d only played quoits, and then only fleeting
but that moment prepared me for the hurdles ahead
better die with your boots on, than wait meekly in bed

i learned showing your hand is usually better than bluffing
trying and failing craps on doing nothing
i learned the vagaries of language are hard to comprehend
“go” signals the start — and sometimes the end

© Copyright 2007 Ian Bland

One comment on “Bland On Bland – Go

  • An album worth waiting for. Best thing to come out of Aus since skippy, and Rolf Harriss. Well done

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