The theme this week for Jon’s JVG Radio Method on 3RRR is “Good times“. Ed Bates is responsible for the background sounds.

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Good times

“They were bloody good times” Old jack reminisced
Which he’d do, without fail, every time he got pissed

Given he was rarely without a stubbie or pot
It meant Old Jack reminisced quite a lot

“The late forties and fifties” he’d lovingly sigh
“They were much better times, without a word of a lie”

“Life was more easygoing, less complicated
More optimistic, less regulated

People were friendly and showed more respect
Spoke frankly without caring if it was politically correct

Took pride in themselves, how they spoke, how they dressed
Even those who were skint still did their best

You respected your elders and respected the law
Now it’s all me, me, me and they want more, more, more

There were no drug problems, and graffiti gone mad
Crime? There was some but not nearly as bad

Music was happy and fun in my day
Not the tuneless rubbish I hear the kids play

Movies were wholesome and the stars not as shady
And men really knew how to treat a lady

Loyalty meant something and was held in esteem
Your friends, your employer or your football team

You played for the jumper not just the quid
Now loyalty is sold to the highest bid

Why bother working when there’s welfare instead
And morals – ha, what morals, they’re all but dead

Janice, the publican was sick of Jack’s crap
One night decided to fill in the gaps

When Jack ordered a beer she replied with regret
“In the fifties pub’s shut at six don’t forget”

We can’t take your bets in the pub’s TAB
Slip out to the car park and try to find an SP

I’m afraid your wife Mavis will have to wait in the car
By law no women are allowed in the bar

So why in the hell am I in here then?
They need women barmaids to serve beer to the men

They do the same work but take home less pay
But they’re still better off than someone who’s gay

If your gay there’s a chance you’ll have cops on your tail
Persecuted, prosecuted and thrown into jail

But if a bloke biffs his wife when she gets a bit cute
That’s not a crime it’s a domestic dispute

Your holiday to Surfers will be getting the heave
In the fifties you only got two weeks annual leave

The House of Representatives doesn’t mirror its name
No women members, indigenous the same

Indigenous Australians sort of subsist
They’re not included in the Census, so officially don’t exist

Not like us Aussies who came here by boat
Next thing the locals will be wanting to vote

Remember The White Australia Policy Jack
Keeping out Asians, Arabs and Blacks

Of course it won’t affect you, you’ve got it all sorted
But your in-laws and grandkids will all be deported

But we’re not in the fifties and nothing’s forever
The good times and bad times come and go like the weather

“The times they are a changing” — always have, always will
The good times keep moving, it’s us who stay still

Some things get better, some things get worse
Some last too long — a bit like this verse

The trouble with memories is they serve their own needs
We remember the flowers but forget all the weeds

© Copyright 2008 Ian Bland

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