RRRBBQDay2014_046The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Holy“.

Well an interesting topic this week, huge scope a million ways to go.

Procrastination would have been a better choice.

Great to have Ed back on guitar after his convalescence. Welcome back mate, you were missed.

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The ghosts are coming out as they do this time of year

Before January draws breath, the first of them appear

Once filled with Christmas spirit, now worthless, lifeless shells

As the New Year rises, their number quickly swells

Haunting streets and car parks; footpaths, driveways, lanes

Their souls have long departed; still the physical remains

Once they stood with angels on the holiest of days

Coveted, desired; the objects of our praise

No sooner their ascension to the season’s pride of place

Than interest wanes, sparking a sudden fall from grace

Abandoned and unwanted; into the streets they’re cast

The cherished Christmas tree becomes the ghost of Christmas past

Now someone else’s problem: Whose? Couldn’t care less

Last month’s holy icon becomes today’s unholy mess

© Copyright 2016 Ian Bland

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