RRRBBQDay2014_046The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Hop“.

First one for the new year and Ed has a new guitar, There is a theory that JVG broke his old one to shut him up…  I think that that is uncharitable, JVG wouldn’t do that. 🙂

Thanks to Ed Bates for his excellent backing today (we all like the new guitar)
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Poor Tony’s not having the best of days
Not having the best of “Knights”
Hopping around like a startled rabbit
A bunny, caught up in the lights

No-one’s impressed with Phil’s knighthood
Though Joe Hockey shouldn’t begrudge it
He wouldn’t care if it was Vladimir Putin
It keeps our minds’ off the budget

Rupert the Yank took to Twitter
With this passionate exhortation
Peta Credlin’s patriotic duty
Is to tender her resignation

Extraordinary, coming from Rupert
As usual, straight from the hip
Given Rupert’s example of patriotism
Was resigning his citizenship

Those who complain about exporting titles
Are xenophobic snobs
What’s wrong with sending knighthoods O/S
That’s where we’re sending our jobs

You can overcome those objections
Come up with an electoral pleaser
Include, with every knighthood bestowed
A 457 Visa

Sir Prince Philip, or is it Prince Sir Phil?
Is now a knight of the south
An honour he’ll bear with distinction
Providing he doesn’t open his mouth

The storm will soon blow over
He can’t have many more years
Sir Phil won’t be hopping down here in a hurry
He reckons we’re still chucking spears

© Copyright 2015 Ian Bland

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