Bland On Bland – The BookThe theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “ I like… “.

I called the poem in today (huge thanks to 3MDR for lending us a phone), I was playing a gig up in Emerald, we had a great time.

Jon chose “I Like…” as this weeks theme. and I liked it. 


No Ed this week, he had a gig as well

Have a listen to how it went below…

To play this poem directly in your browser – just click the “play” button below:

I like…

I like sitting in the backyard with a lovely cup of tea
With someone whom I like and someone who likes me

I’m partial to a cheap rough red, by rough I don’t mean bad
I’d mention I like Guinness, but that would be an ad

I confess I like broccoli; its deviant, I know
And I really like Brussels Sprouts, god they’ll throw me off this show

I like RRR a lot; well not everything to be fair
But whether I like it is not the point, I like the fact it’s there

I like mobile dead spots, it gives perverse gratification
Watching anger turn to terror turn to hyperventilation

I like getting up at dawn; sorry, that’s a lie
It’s the thought of getting up I like, I’m yet to figure why

I still like climbing trees though I no longer seek the top
The skill is not the climbing, it’s knowing when to stop

Strangely, I like the dentist; I get to open up my gob
And I’m afraid I do like Mondays, apologies Sir Bob

I like listening to live music that fights to own the space
I like it raw and on the floor, honest, in your face

I like Winter more than Summer, not as much as I like Spring
While Autumn I like the most, freed from Summer’s sting

I like swimming naked, though it leaves me insecure
Lest a fish mistake my manhood for a very modest lure

I like pogo sticks and Catherine wheels and – I’m going off on tangents
I sound like a contestant from one of Donald’s beauty pageants

There are many things I like; I could go on but I won’t
Suffice to say I like all things – except the things I don’t

© Copyright 2017 Ian Bland

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