Bland On Bland – The BookThe theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Jesus“.

JVG has done a runner for the long weekend again, Sarah Carroll drew the short straw and took over the console and ran the show.

Seeing as how it was Easter, Sara chose “songs with “Jesus” as a theme. So I got to do a poem and “Jesus of Hollywood” from my second as a bonus.

It was a hoot. If you didn’t hear it have a listen on the 3RRR Radio on Demand look up april 01 2018

Ed Bates provided the guitar backing.


Imagine if Jesus returned this very day
He’d be advised to skip Australia; he’d be promptly turned away

His first time on earth; at least since the ascension
Before he reached our shores they have him banged up in detention

No papers, no visa; they’d never let him through
Short, dark, middle eastern; another trying to jump the queue

Could be three years in a camp depending where he’s sent
Which gives atheists and sinners heaps of time to repent

He’d easily find a sponsor and financial guarantees
Though first he’d have to prove he had a unique expertise

That would be a battle ‘cause he isn’t on his Tod
There are plenty in this country convinced they are God

Still, he has a loyal support base and would no doubt have their backing
If they could prove he has a talent that Australia is lacking

Wine, loaves and fishes? Probably not quite the ticket
Hey, I wonder if Jesus knows how to captain cricket?

© Copyright 2018 Ian Bland

Also have a listen to “Everything or Nothing

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