Bland On Bland – Liberty

Photo By Jools Thatcher
Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Liberty“.  A good theme given the events around the world over the last few weeks. Excellent choice by Jon, it gave me a chance to do something in a more serious vein.

Ed Bates was in the guitar chair this week (thanks, as always)

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Liberty, the sweetest fruit; a gift too prized to waste
Craved by those denied it, presumed by those embraced

Liberty; a state of mind, the abstract fused with law
We hail it as our saviour, yet treat it as a whore

Interpreted and bastardised, words and acts at odds
Twisted by our prejudice, perverted by our Gods

Money, power, corruption; political pretence
Attack in freedom’s name, then enslave in it’s defence

Profiteers pimp greed, seeking weakness at the border
Exploit the fragile balance between anarchy and order

The horse may lead the cart, but the cart controls the reigns
Freedom for the few relies on others bound in chains

Self righteous, shallow, rhetoric, conceals a great pretender
Liberty for all still defined by race and gender

With all it’s contradictions, it’s failings, left and right
Liberty prevails because of, or, in spite

From my perch of comfort I dissect it’s smallest flaws
I see the flaking paint yet fail to see the bolted doors

In safety, I indulge, without fear or compromise
Freedom’s greatest tenet – the right to criticize

© 2011 Ian Bland

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