This week’s poem I wrote for Jon’s JVG Radio Method on 3RRR is about “LISA”. Quite a challenge as it turned out.

Click to hear today’s poem… [audio:JVG_Poem20071014.mp3]

Jon and I chatted about how Lisa was the most popular girls name in the Seventies (thank you Google) and then it died away. Ed Bates had scored a paying gig and was unavailable to play backing, he has been replaced and once again straight after the show I had to dash to do a gig with my band over in StKilda at the Pint On Punt again.

Four gigs in four weeks, the bubble will burst soon.

Accordion accompaniment was provided by Steve Teakle. Thanks mate.


in the 70’s lisa, played the farfisa
simply cause it rhymed with her name
the farfisa in fashion, the crowds thought her smashin
won her both fortune and fame

though she knew just three chords, she won numerous awards
the public and critics acclaimed her
she owed her success, not so much to the press
more to her parents who named her

her sister diana, played the piana
showing talent both daring and rare
she worked long and hard, but proved too avant garde
and god, what she did with her hair

though her playing was brilliant, it proved less resilient
at best the reviews were blas‚
prodigiously gifted, but fashion had shifted
the piano now considered pass‚

having talent’s good and fine, but the harsh bottom line
without contacts even talent will flop
in a corporate regime, it’s rarely the cream
but the shit that rises to the top

it all goes to prove, from the tate to the louvre
trends are as fickle as the weather
without experts and minions, to form our opinions
we insipidly default to “whatever”

product versus art, head versus heart
a frailty native to our psych
indecision, immature, or so insecure
we let fashion dictate what we like

as lisa watched telly, on came liza minelli
singing “life is a cabaret”
could her life have been better, by changing one letter
or would things have turned out the same way?

she might have starred in a show, we’ll never know
it’s probably all for the best
cause liza with a z’s, not lisa with an s
and lisa, well, you know the rest

if they’d named her veronica, she’d have played the harmonica
thank god they rejected alexandro
cause named grace she’d play bass, qwyn violin
but she couldn’t have coped with the banjo

she was happy with lisa, and adored her farfisa
playing it was not really that tough
but had she been liza, she’d have played synthesizer
one rick wakeman is more than enough

© Copyright 2007 Ian Bland

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