blndonblandpoem-featuredThe theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Living in a country not of your birth“.

Surprisingly easy topic this week, although when you look at it, the title is probably two-thirds of a haiku all by itself.


Great to have Ed back this week – the electric guitar backing is really evocative.
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Living in a country not of your birth

Her only memory of her mother was of bathing in a stream
So detached from all that followed, she wondered if it was a dream

The sun danced off the wash to quickly vanish without trace
The passing years shared little, even stole her mother’s face

The recollections of a toddler; time had taken toll
From those fading wisps of consciousness clung identity and soul

Her family, her people, massacred, and worse
A holocaust, so brutal, it cannot be told in verse

The truth, so vile and evil, ethnic cleansing at its core
History cannot hide the ghosts of a cruel, unspoken war

Forced to leave her country, relocated and interred
Deemed as fortunate by those with no concept of the word

Destined for a camp, a tunnel without end
At the mercy of those who would rather break than bend

Her traditions demeaned, pride replaced with shame
Robbed of her culture; they even changed her name

Not a camp for refugees in some foreign, lawless, place
Here, in our backyards; acts our myths cannot erase

Entire nations displaced; bound by greed and chains
Those responsible, long dead, still their legacy remains

We can’t whitewash our history as the sins of other times
These wondrous shores, this privileged life, built upon those crimes

Until we face our past and find a way to share these lands
We accept that grim inheritance and the blood will stain our hands

© Copyright 2016 Ian Bland

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