The theme Jon chose for the JVG Radio Method today was “LONG”.

Click to play today’s piece … [audio:JVG_Poem20070527.mp3]

This week’s piece is in the spirit of Reconciliation Week. I am leaving Scotland with it’s interesting weather patterns (today’s weather has been brought to you by hail, sleet, rain, clouds, sunshine and snow is lurking just of stage waiting for one last fling before retiring until it’s reappearance later in the year) and heading south to Coventry (yes that’s right I have been sent to Coventry). I have had a great time up here in the North and am looking forward to seeing the Lakes District and bagging a Munro or two.

The Guinness testing program continues in full flight. Thank you for your inquiries.

Ah yes… the words. Would you believe a puffin ate them? Didn’t think so.I really will do something about the putting up words as soon as I can which at the moment probably means when I get home to Melbourne.


just how long is a piece of string?
can you tie it together from any old thing?
to bind us together, how long will it take?
how strong must it be to ensure it won’t break?

if the string becomes knotted do you still persevere?
or ignore it and hope it will just disappear?
or take time to untangle the trouble and strife?
how long is a memory, how short is a life?

without constant attention how long will it last?
how safe is the future that won’t acknowledge the past?
when the freedoms you’ve gained have meant others have lost
is it too high a price to acknowledge the cost?

what hope of building a confident nation?
without first the resolve to secure the foundation
can you carve up the land and exploit mining rights?
sill denounce desecration of your own sacred sites

we complain to the turks most emphatically
when they bulldoze a road through Gallipoli
we relate to the battlers, fair and self reliant
but fail to heed david when we are the giant

when the best of intentions do more harm than neglect
it’s not about blame, but showing respect
just how long is a piece of string?
does it have enough strength, does it have enough spring?
overlooked there’s a chance something will break it
cause it’s as long and as strong as we choose to make it

© Copyright 2007 Ian Bland

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