The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Lord“.

Afternoon Jon

I’ve arrived back in Coventry to be greeted by sleet and a top temperature of 3 degrees. I’m recording this in someone’s garage and it’s so cold I’m staggered the equipment’s working. I’ve put a photo up on my website to prove I’m not exaggerating

Everything’s freezing except the beer, which, as usual is warm – something perverse about that.

Decided to blow away the cobwebs by walking the 7 miles into town until it started snowing. Luckily a car stopped and the driver ,who looked eerily like Ed’s evil twin, offered me a lift and I was about to take up the offer when I noticed the car was a hearse – true story.

I explained apart from jet lag and a slight tickle in the throat, I didn’t think I was quite ready for his services – but it did look temptingly warm in the back.At least it was empty.

When the economy is so depressed even undertakers start cold calling – Lord have mercy on us all.

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Dear Lord, see me waving; over here, I just shot past
I guess nine hundred ks an hour was a little bit too fast

Nose up to the window, strapped into my seat
Hurtling through the sky round thirty thousand feet

High above the clouds in a Boeing Triple Seven
I figure it’s the closest I’ll ever get to heaven

With my priors I’m going downstairs for infinity, at least
Quick look, a shooting star; oh no, just another fallen priest

Up here, little changes, no air, no clouds, no rain
The food is pretty average, but I really can’t complain

I could do without the turbulence, but I take it as a sign
Your subtle way of telling me I’ve had my share of wine

I’ve queued so long to take a leak I’ve dribbled on my feet
Now the seatbelt sign is flashing and I’m forced back to my seat

We’re jammed so tight in cattle class there’s nothing left to squeeze
I’ll have a stretch once I get my teeth out of my knees

Long haul flights are risky and not just deep vein thrombosis
The windbag sitting next to me has lethal halitosis

Well that’s it, not after favours, just giving you the nod
Not everyday I’m in the same neighbourhood as God

Actually, there’s one small thing: I feel a little jaded
Lord, could you pull some strings and please have me upgraded?

I don’t expect the pointy end, Business Class will do
I promise it’s the last thing I’ll ever ask of you

I request an aisle or window seat every time I fly
But I always cop the middle seat “Lord tell me why”

© Copyright 2013 Ian Bland

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