Bland On Bland – Losers

Bland On Bland – The BookThe theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “ Losers “.

This weeks theme was inspired by the impending Community Cup, the annual charity (charitably called) football match between the MegaHertz (3RRR/3PS) and the Rockdogs (Musos). I think JVG was trying out a some subtle psyching out the opposition.

The poem is a bit of a rant this week and on a topic that seems to occupy way to much time in peoples conversation.

Don t forget, try and get down to the footy ground and bring along some spare change – the game is hysterical and the concert is usually a ripper. Hope to see you there.

Ed Bates, once again showed his deft touch with the backing this week Have a listen to how it went below…

To play this poem directly in your browser – just click the “play” button below:


Remember when you wouldn’t buy a house you’d buy a home?
Now you can pick up half a dozen with an interest only loan

Real estate is booming, everyone’s a winner
Prices keep on going up, don’t dawdle, come in spinner

Play Oz Monopoly, it’s like the game you know
Except you don’t roll the dice and you pay for passing go

Join us as we auction off ‘The Great Australian Dream’
Bequeath to those who follow a trillion dollar Ponzi scheme

Can’t afford to buy? You’ve all been told before
Forget smashed avocado and find a job that pays you more

The young are too impatient; all they need to do is save
They’ll own land eventually – the plot that holds their grave

These whining first home buyers and greedy empty nesters
Always thinking of themselves and not overseas investors

If they’re going to bloody whinge why don’t they move overseas?
With every housing orgy comes financial STD’s

Your mortgage might be crippling, even so, you can’t lose sight
In around two hundred years you’ll own the place outright

The views are quite spectacular from up here on the cliff
You can sit and watch the sun set on our egalitarian myth

The cliff keeps getting higher, it’s only numbers and who’s countin’?
You can see the Great Divide; though it’s a gulf and not a mountain

There are worse off than you; you could be living in a tent
And by the way your lease is up and we’re doubling your rent

Tax breaks fuel the flames further adding to the heat
Politicians won’t address it, afraid they’ll lose their seat

So it tears apart communities; well, something has to give
Houses are investments, not somewhere where you live

Have you noticed a swelling of the homeless population?
There’s no connection to the lack of low cost accommodation?

What must the tourists think, the homeless littering the street?
Not as though they don’t have choices; they can either rent or eat

This land grab is like heroin and everyone’s a user
Despite the wealth that flows to some, everyone’s a loser

© Copyright 2017 Ian Bland

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