The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Machines“.

Thanks to Dave Evans for his excellent backing on the show
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It began with a shard of bone
A jagged stone
A rock with a sharpened edge
A simple wedge
The first machine

Then, the rock began to roll
A gentle stroll
A rolling stone
A complete unknown
No direction home

Slowly on, two million years
Axes, knives, flint and spears
Rounded stones to grind the meal
Epiphany – we had the wheel!

The pace picked up, no time to lose
Levers, pulleys, axles, screws
Winches, gears, barrows, cranes
Catapults, sails and chains

Come the industrial revolution
A golden age – forget pollution

Steam engine, Cotton Gin
Power Loom, Straight Pin
Spinning Jenny, Mechanical Reel
Horseless Carriage, automobile
Woollen Mills, canned food
Locomotive, corkscrewS

Assembly lines and submarines
Cometh the hour cometh the machine

Buttons, handles, valves and knobs
Give them all the dirty jobs

Machines are here to do our bidding
Mechanical slaves? Who are we kidding?

Refined, faster, smarter, sleeker
They grew stronger, we grew weaker

Till finally, machines, ascendant
We, their masters, now dependent

They cut our hair, clean our teeth
Body art and pain relief

Iron your shirt, press your suit
Don’t forget your parachute

Chop down trees, cut your keys
Nip and tuck and oil and grease

The bus, the car, the tram, the train
On your bike, board your plane

Clothes pegs, piano hinges
Safety pins and syringes

Zip your fly, lock the doors
Fight our wars and keeps the scores

Recline your chair, close the gates
Vacuum pools, wash the plates
They even match us up for dates
There’s nothing they can’t do

Pepper Grinder, Beach Umbrella
Boat propeller, Auto Teller
Around the block or interstellar
Machines, machines, machines

Print assignments, fry the chips
Pacemakers, plastic hips
Stents and intravenous drips
We’re dead without machines

Cut the lawn, pop your corn
Ring your bell or blow your horn
From the moment that we’re born
Reliant on machines

They Juice, Rout, Propel and Mash
Crush, Destroy, Explode and Slash
Staple, Sharpen, Freeze, Subtract
Harvest, Weld, Record, Compact

Bind, Wind, Grind and Lay
Weigh and Spray, X-Ray, Puree
Fan, Slice, Blend, Toast
Tan, Dice, Defend, Roast

Transmit, Hammer, Harvest, Nail
Mince, Filter, Copy, Flail
Predict, Dig, Carry, Bake
Siphon, Shred, Emboss, Rake

Sever, Plough, Time, Sweep
Pump, Power, Trim, Reap
Probe, Thresh, Ignite, Measure
Paddle, Cook and Self Pleasure

Level, Bevel, Prune and Mount
Tune, Turn, Churn and Count

Lathe, Pave, Shave, Engrave
Knit, Split and Microwave

Extinguish, Weave, Lock, Sift
Mould, Cool, Warn, Lift
Load, Auger, Launch, Hull
Feed, Package, Mix, Cull

React, Transact, and Extract
That’s a Fact

Beat, Trace, Screw, Polish
Heat, Space, Brew, Demolish
Cart, Scan, Bale, Print
Chart, Can, Mail, Tint

Humidify, Select, Multiply, Collect
Deny, Accept, Approve, Reject
Survey, Grade, Play, Trade
Shoot, Compute and Execute

Explore, Blow, Saw, Sow, Draw, Mow, Bore, Grow

Vaporize, Anaesthetise, Entertain and Sanitise
Detect, Drill, Protect, Chill
Clip, Chip, Strip and Kill

Divide, Unite, Stop, Start
Join Together, Tear Apart

Communicate, Calculate, Percolate, Generate
Fabricate, Activate, Resuscitate, Validate
Navigate, Stimulate, Terminate, Annihilate

Machines can do it all

Take without guilt
Give without joy
Share without love
Respond without thinking
Heal without caring
Obey without reason
Dispense without compassion
Govern without conscience

Those bastard machines
Have become – Human Beings

© Copyright 2014 Ian Bland

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