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Photo By Jools Thatcher
Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Magic“. Last day in the studio for the next five months. Not to worry though, I will be phoning through the poem each week while am away.

First time for weeks that Ed hasn’t been playing elsewhere. Good to have him back.

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My Great Uncle Trev could make a coin disappear
A wave of his hand, then pluck it out of my ear
Only five years of age but I spotted the con
“Magic” he claimed, but I knew all along
There was no such thing as magic

Mrs Cloke, our neighbour, was one of a kind
You’d choose a card, she’d read your mind
But I saw her slip the card up her sleeve
“Magic” she cried and I’d pretend to believe
But there was no such thing as magic

A kid at our school gave a demontration
A master, he reckoned, of levitation
Being a sceptic, as I was of such things
“Magic” he roared, but I saw the strings
There was no such thing as magic

My daughter was born six weeks before time
No sleight of hand, not a hint, not a sign
She seemed to materialise out of thin air
One minute nothing, next thing she’s there
Staged with the help of an obstetrician
Whose performance eclipsed the finest magician
A team of assistants, poised and assured
Even I was roped in to sever the cord
Her fingers could barely wrap round my thumb
I still haven’t figured out how it was done

Like late Uncle Trev, she makes coins vanish too
Up her nose, in my breakfast, down the sink and the loo
She reads minds better than old Mrs Cloke
When she wants an ice cream and I pretend that I’m broke
She makes me levitate with one of her looks
I rise from the couch and in to read books

All done without tricks to aid and abet it
It seems magic exists as long as you let it

© Copyright 2011 Ian Bland

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