Bland On Bland – Melbourne Suburbs I

Photo By Jools Thatcher
Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Melbourne Suburbs”, so by request I have reprised the poem I wrote for the “Heart Of St Kilda” benefit earlier this year. (The video of that performance is here)

Ed Bates is on the guitar duties this week

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The Heart of St Kilda

The market? The Mission? The gardens? The pier?
The Bowlo? The Espy? Veg Out? – Or here?

A blending of cultures, texture and tone
Flavours infused; but it’s style is it’s own

Coffee, a beer, rum balls and strudels
Lemongrass, pasta, tapas and noodles

Brioche, calamari, kebabs, GHB
A screaming orgasm or a chamomile tea

Posses of cyclists; Cars by the jam
The Scenic Railway – The 96 tram

St Kilda’s a city – not in part, but complete
Where the homeless and wealthy walk the same street

The heart of St Kilda

Breakfast at midnight – A night cap at noon
A Mirka Mora mural – A Fred Negro cartoon

A nightclub, a concert, the ballet – a rave
Adapting to fashion – but never it’s slave

Ugly, at times – conflicts and frictions
A city of contrast and at times contradictions

Board shorts, thongs – or resplendent in drag
A penthouse apartment or a brown paper bag
A hoody, denim or gold lame’
Assuredly straight – yet, comfortably gay

Contemporary, classical, modest – and bold
Here they welcome the new – but will fight for the old

Live and let live – but won’t shirk confrontation
When culture locks horns with gentrification

As much cabaret as it is rock’n’roll
You may fluff with it’s makeup – but never it’s soul

The heart of St Kilda

The music – nurtured, inspired and avowed
Dianna Kiss, Roland S Howard
Rosie, Ruby, Kelly and more
I Spit On Your Gravy, The Boys Next Door

Writers, Accountants, Students, Musicians
Nurses, Artists, Beauty Technicians
Backpackers, Buskers, Shopkeepers, Goths
Bogans, Vegans, Pensioners, Toffs

Baristas – Barristers; Soliciters – Solicitors
Or a night such as this for a bloody good cause

The homeless, the damaged, dispossessed, self inflicted
Those who’ve lost hope, the abused, the addicted

Are met, not in judgement, not in shame or despair
The true heart of St Kilda – is the people who care

And for that we thank you

© Copyright 2010 Ian Bland

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