Photo By Jools Thatcher

Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Mind“.

Coventry UK: Afternoon Jon. Very apt theme this week ’cause England has lost its collective mind.
I stupidly thought I could escape the madness of the royal wedding at one of the rougher pubs here in Coventry only to find the bar full of skinheads weeping into their pints and discussing how beautiful the bride’s bloody bodice looked.

So I’ve been forced to barricade myself in the caravan for the last couple of days until this mass stupidity blows over.
Can’t even open the blinds without seeing some lunatic in a Kate or William cardboard mask.
Now I’m losing my mind!

It’s worse than Collingwood winning the premiership.

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Contempt, compassion
Religion and fashion

Lateral, literal
Conservative, liberal

Torment, rapture, shyness, conceit
Fluid as mercury, hard as concrete

An anchor, a wing
A kite on a string

To nurture or kill?
Nature meets will

How we’re defined
It’s all in the mind

Imagination, self gratification
Ecstasy, lunacy, jealousy, fantasy

Savant or dunce?
As one or at once?

Subterfuge, sabotage
Block out, camouflage

Manic, satanic
Confusion , delusion

Broken and damaged
Abused and mismanaged

Impaired by chemicals, illness and age
Indulgence, arrogance, deviance, rage

Loyalty and treason
Genetics meets reason

Adored or maligned
It’s all in the mind

Determination, capitulation

Taste and aesthetics
Prejudice, ethics

Resolve and control
Values and soul

Apathy, empathy, vanity, charity

Awareness, enlightenment
Self worth, entitlement
Inspiration, salvation, eternal damnation

Epiphany, boredom, purpose and shame
Are Jesus and Judas one and the same?

West joins with east
And martyrs the beast

Perverse or divine?
It’s all in the mind

Reflection, recollection
Anguish, affection

Mercy, hostility
Ego, humility

Despair and renewal
The caring, the cruel

Subservience, brutality
Renaissance, humanity

Indoctrination and regeneration

Perception, invention
Conflict, redemption

Acquiesce, persevere
Tolerance, fear

Unbound or repressive
Restrained or obsessive

Temper and greed
Courage, weak kneed

Joy and derision
Lethargy, vision

Forgiveness and trust
Arrogance, lust

Surrender, persistence
Acceptance, resistance

The heart rendered blind
It’s all in the mind

To comprehend death
To sense and to feel
Arthur’s sword or achilles’ heal

Defiance, submission
Guilt and contrition
The human condition

What is our meaning?
Is it all? Is it nought?a
Stripped of the beast
We are nothing but thought
Each a universe unto its own
Even our minds have minds of their own

Predestined or fate?
Unearthed or innate?

Our essence enshrined
It’s all in the mind

© Copyright 2011 Ian Bland

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