Photo By Jools Thatcher

Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “Monday“. Jon has invited Mundy into the studio today – hence the theme. It was a good show today, a lot of blues and really great song.

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Also have a listen to my album “Drifter


There’s an atmosphere of tedium, peak hour – any station
Mondays in particular, oozes resignation

The 600 Bus, Balcombe Road, 8am
Slouched in a seat, a girl as ragged as her hem

Her girlfriend stares blankly as the rain comes pelting down
The tattered remains of a weekend on the town

“I warned you he’s an arsehole” then something more profane
But her friend is more upset she’s left her pumps on board the train

A couple in their eighties, dressed up to the nines
Heading to a funeral in St Kilda at Le Pine

“Hope we’ll get a sandwich” the old bloke gives a sigh
His wife gives him daggers as she straightens up his tie

A pair of Uni students, their mood is worse than bleak
A major assignment is due by end of week

Instead of working on their studies, to relieve their apprehension
They’re working on excuses that might win them an extension

A car crash almost killed Bernard, but that was years ago
Lost an arm, the limp remains, he talks a little slow

Chats to all who’ll listen, about The Beatles and Ned Kelly
Rides public transport all day long, says it’s better than the telly

Some wanker screams into his phone, but few feel ill at ease
Half the bus oblivious, hard wired to mp3s

While school kids up the back discuss the earthquake in Japan
Christchurch, Burma, Queensland floods, famine in Sudan

The topic turns to acne and the vibe turns more reflective
There’s nothing like a pimple to put disaster in perspective

The bus pulls up at Sandy, the majority alight
Bernard farewells the driver, but most aren’t that polite

You finally match the faces to the stories overheard
You’ve shared their conversations without uttering a word

They scamper to the platform to begin an anxious wait
Monday, bloody Monday, and the bloody train is late

© Copyright 2011 Ian Bland

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