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Photo By Jools Thatcher
Photo By Jools Thatcher

The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “ Music “.

Good afternoon Jon, and greetings from Alhama de Granada, a small town of around 3,000 people, high in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Andalucia, a bit over an hour from Granada itself.

Wandering round Alhama, I keep bumping into locals who look scarily like Ed, only a metre shorter, and I realise how much I miss collaborating with him each week.

As you well know Jon, writers can tend to be a little self absorbed, so to save me totally disappearing up my own emergency exit, Nano Marbella, an exceptional young flamenco guitarist who lives in a cave house on the outskirts of Granada, has kindly consented to join me for today’s offering, and we’ve set ourselves up in a small room above a restaurant, Nano sitting on the bed, me half in the wardrobe, praying the battery will last long enough to get this recorded.

For those interested in hearing Nano’s wonderful playing without me rambling all over the top, I have put an mp3 up on my website.

So nice to not have to face the music alone.

To play this poem directly in your browser – just click the “play” button below:

You can listen to Nano Marbella’s amazing guitar backing – just click the “play” button below:

Also have a listen to the songs on the New Album “Angel In Reverse


Music is born in all we feel
Illusory and real
Escape, release, salutation
Abandonment and lamentation

In the crackle of a fire
Contempt, desire
Piercing, faint
Recklessness and restraint

Music is born in all we hear
Calm and fear
Love and hate
Expression, the beat, innate

The mason’s chisel, the carpenter’s saw
The slice of the oar
The ruffle of sails
The still of a fog, the roar of a gale

A creaking mast, waves cross the bow
The farmer’s plough
The miller’s wheel
The frenzied buzz of the fisherman’s reel

Music is born in all we see
In anarchy
Contentment and obsession
Injustices and oppression

Jangle of irons, axe to the block
Hammer on rock
The crack of the whip and teeth on the bit
The clang of the pick deep down in the pit

Footsteps on pebbles, the whir of a fan
A sizzling pan
Cicadas at night
Wind through a wire, birds at first light

Music worships and rejects
Mocks, respects
Shows disdain
Enshrines the pious and profane

The peeling of bells, the smashing of glass
Wind through the grass
Nails cross a file
The sigh of a kiss, stiletto on tile

The ring of the forge, the clanking of chains
The rattle of trains
The babble of springs
The rustle of leaves and the flutter of wings

Music celebrates and mourns
Reveres and scorns
Hopes, regrets, immortalises
Re-invents and eulogises

The rumble of thunder, the creak of a door
The anguish of war
Eclipse of the sun
The pop of a cork, the crack of a gun

The purr of an engine, the thunder of hooves
Hail upon rooves
A baby’s first cry
A lover’s lament and a soldier’s goodbye

Music is soul: nourishment, art
The beat of the heart
The tempo of breath
Rejoices in birth and acknowledges death

Music is the sum of all

© Copyright 2013 Ian Bland

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