The theme for this week’s JVG Radio Method poem is “My Head“.

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My Head

My head? What a subject. Where do I begin?
I’ll start with the exterior, then briefly venture in

Manufactured here in Melbourne: the design is retrograde
A Scottish Australian joint venture: only one of three they made

Genuine one owner: log book, on request
Two of all the things it should, one of all the rest

The design, very basic: not what you’d call deluxe
Had a bit of rust cut out, but it’s straight, no nip and tucks

Original condition, not restored at any stage
It’s been garaged on the street, still it’s alright for its age

The duco’s chipped and faded: Upholstery’s looking tired
The brakes are intermittent: that’s just the way they’re wired

Lift the bonnet, different story: the engine’s been rebuilt
Looks like factory fitted except the block is on a tilt

Copped a thrashing in the seventies: pushed it hard for years
Experimented with lubricants: wound up stripping all the gears

Things kept falling off, spent more time in the pits
Eventually it blew up: had to pull the thing to bits

Tried to do it all myself, which wasn’t very clever
There were several bolts left over when I put it back together

It’s not fastest or most powerful, and really hard on tyres
It does the job, reliably, though it regularly misfires

Some people make a sports car or a limo of their head
I prefer to view my noggin as a panel van instead

It can handle stormy weather: it’s reasonably tough
The perfect place for storing loads and loads of – stuff

I can hardly close the door, the van’s so full of scrap
I ought to have a clean out, cause most of it is crap

But one day it could be useful and I’ll look like a star
The capital of Djibouti? Bugger, I’ve locked the keys in the car

© Copyright 2014 Ian Bland

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